Chr. Hansen Innovation Gives Winemakers Control and More

A new innovation from Chr. Hansen ensures a successful alcohol fermentation, and also contributes to the flavor development in wines.

Chr. Hansen is helping wineries throughout the world understand the implications of various microflora in winemaking, and the benefits that can be achieved by using quality starter cultures. Several years ago, Chr. Hansen developed the breakthrough Viniflora® malolactic bacteria cultures for malolactic fermentation. Now, the company has followed up with a new innovation of blending several species of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts, which not only ensures a successful alcohol fermentation, but at the same time, contributes to the flavor development in wines.

It is a well known in the winemaking community that the many species of yeasts and bacteria naturally present in the must add to the flavor development in wine – either positively or negatively. However, letting the natural flora take control can be risky – the right composition of yeasts and bacteria will achieve an excellent wine; but only a small number of undesirable organisms can completely ruin the wine with off-flavors, or even turn it into vinegar. The loss may be relatively insignificant when only producing a few cases of wine; however, in industrial scale wineries, it is essential that the natural microflora is controlled to ensure that only the desirable organisms play an active role in the fermentation process.

Chr. Hansen's new blended yeast products for wine give the benefit of a controlled fermentation together with the flavor benefit of a natural fermentation. Five years of testing in the laboratory and at several commercial wineries in the USA and Europe has shown the products give winemakers the improved complexity found in successful "wild" fermentations, and the control and reliability of conventionally inoculated fermentations.

By using the innovative solutions from Chr. Hansen, winemakers can ensure their wines against fermentation problems, increase throughput, and at the same time minimize costs. For more information on Chr. Hansen's new yeast blends, Viniflora malolactic bacteria cultures, and other fermentation aids, contact Sarita Bairoliya, Product Manager at Chr. Hansen at +45 45 74 73 92 or [email protected], or contact GusmerCellulo on the East Coast at 908-301-1811 and on the West Coast at 559-485-2692, or visit

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Operating from facilities in thirty countries worldwide, Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health industries. Based on intensive research, Chr. Hansen works to improve the quality of food and health for people all over the world. The company is a primary supplier of cultures, probiotics, enzymes, colors, flavors, seasonings, sweeteners, and tablet coatings and excipients, which are applied in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and agricultural products. For more information, visit

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