Chrysantis Granted Zeaxanthin Esters Patent

West Chicago, IL (September 8, 2006) The US Patent Office has issued Chrysantis patent number US 7,081,478 for its development of zeaxanthin esters, the company announced today.

“This new patent allows Chrysantis to offer products which can be described as the most natural form of natural zeaxanthin,” said Chrysantis general manager Manuel Pavon.

Esters are fatty acids that are linked to the carotenoids. At each side of the molecule there is a fatty acid molecule attached.

Chrysantis is planning to launch commercial zeaxanthin ester products over the next few months, which will expand the options customers have as to which form of zeaxanthin to use. Even though there is a synthetic zeaxanthin on the market, there is no such thing as synthetic zeaxanthin esters, making this is the logical zeaxanthin ingredient for those products targeted to customers preferring natural ingredients.

This latest patent expands Chrysantis’ patent portfolio, which includes US patents 6,784,351 and 7,033,622, both relating to Marigolds that produce higher levels of zeaxanthin. This is a Utility patent - Utility patents describe inventions for new processes, new instruments and machines that carry out processes, and new types of materials including bio-materials.

Chrysantis, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Horticultural Company based in West Chicago, IL, is dedicated to developing high-quality plant-based products for dietary supplement manufacturers and the functional foods industry that will enhance human health. Family-owned Ball Horticultural Company has been researching, breeding and selling the highest-quality flower seed varieties for 100 years.

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