CNI Launches Fibregum Clear for Beverages

CNI, the world leader in Acacia gum, launches its latest breakthrough: Fibregum™ Clear, a highly purified and clarified version of Fibregum™, especially developed for the fiber enrichment of beverages.

Fibregum™ Clear offers exactly the same healthy benefits as conventional Fibregum™.

Fibregum™, an all-natural Acacia gum particularly rich in soluble fiber (minimum 90%) offers exceptional, scientifically proven nutritional properties, including a strong prebiotic effect.

The last scientific studies confirm that Fibregum™ helps to balance the intestinal micro flora, favors the growth of "good" bacteria (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli) and enhances the production of SCFAs of which the potential health benefits are well known.

Fibregum™ Clear’s low viscosity and excellent stability in acidic medium make it the #1 fiber choice to improve the nutritional profile of functional beverages and juices with no impact on their clarity, brightness and flavor. The Fibregum™ range offers thus technical, functional and health benefits for functional food and beverages.

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