Comax Flavors' New Website Showcases Flavor Innovations and Product Diversity

Comax Flavors announced the unveiling of a newly enhanced website in support of its recent branding renovation. The new site focuses more completely on the company's consistent vision and commitment to flavor innovation.

"With consumer demand for natural and healthy foods greater than ever, we believe there is no better time to be in the business of flavor development," Catherine M. Armstrong, Vice President of Corporate Communications, said. "Food and beverage manufacturers need to find ways to offer consumers products with less fat, sugar, salt and other commonly unhealthy ingredients. Our new website is just one small part of our greater effort to help formulators find great tasting flavor solutions that support their healthy initiatives."

The new site features some of Comax's special areas of expertise, sample listings from its Flavor Library, plus an introduction to the company's Max FlavorLab, an internal research laboratory where flavorists create proprietary enhancing, masking and reducing flavors to suit a wide variety of categories.

About Comax Flavors:

Comax Flavors was founded in 1977 and remains today a family-run company. Comax is a major innovator in flavor and aroma chemical technologies, using vertical integration to effectively manage all the critical steps in the development process. From its considerable investment in R&D to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Comax is ideally positioned to help its clients differentiate and distinguish themselves from their competitive environments with a wide variety of taste-appealing, cost-effective flavor solutions - solutions that specifically address the interests and desires of today's health- and value-conscious consumers.

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