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Company news: Stratum Nutrition, Ganeden, Triarco Industries, Graminex

Functional ingredient news from the following companies: Stratum Nutrition; Proprietary Nutritionals; ESM Technologies; Ganeden Biotech; Triarco Industries; and Beraca.

The February 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients takes a look at news from the following companies: Stratum Nutrition; Proprietary Nutritionals; ESM Technologies; Ganeden Biotech; Triarco Industries; and Beraca.

EFSA approves ARTINIA ingredient

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies has determined that Stratum Nutrition’s chitin-glucan novel food ingredient, branded ARTINIA, is safe as a food ingredient at the proposed conditions of use and intake levels. ARTINIA (listed as KiOnutrime-CG in the EFSA’s scientific opinion) is a high-purity, natural, fungal ingredient that features the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers. ARTINIA is a chitin-glucan fiber, derived from the mycelium of non-genetically-modified strains of Aspergillus niger, a microorganism employed in the food and pharmaceutical industries for the production of citric acid, and contains 80 percent dietary fiber, primarily insoluble.

Korean FDA approves Cran-Max

Cran-Max, a patented cranberry concentrate, has received approval by the Korean FDA to carry the functional claim: “Functional food ingredient that is helpful for urinary tract health,” according to Proprietary Nutritionals, supplier of the concentrate. Cran-Max is the most widely studied cranberry concentrate available. Several clinical studies have shown that it is helpful for the prevention of UTIs. Cran-Max is unique from other products because it is a whole-berry concentrate. It is made with a proprietary process that uses all the vital parts of the cranberry: skin, seeds, pulp, juice and fiber. Cran-Max does not contain solvents, preservatives, sugars, water, flavorings or color.  One 500mg dose is recommended daily.

Natural Eggshell Membrane earns GRAS status

ESM Technologies of Missouri, a leading supplier of innovative, commercialized eggshell and eggshell-membrane wellness ingredients, has received self-affirmed GRAS status for its patented, clinically proven ingredient, NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane). There are numerous food and beverage categories for which NEM is approved for use; a few include beverages and beverage bases, fruit and vegetable juices, baked goods, soft candy and snack foods. The Allowable Daily Intake for NEM is up to 14g per day for food use and intake.  

Ganeden takes on North American distributor

Ganeden Biotech, maker of the patented probiotic strain GanedenBC30, has appointed Glanbia Nutritionals as its primary North American distributor. Unlike many currently available probiotic ingredients, GanedenBC30 is able to survive harsh manufacturing processes, including baking, freezing, boiling and high pressure. This is due to the naturally occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria, allowing GanedenBC30 to survive. Glanbia is the largest dairy processor in Ireland and a global supplier of nutritional ingredients, functional ingredients and customized premix solutions.

Natural enzyme certified halal

Triarco Industries’ patented enzyme system, Aminogen, is now certified halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. While Triarco’s New Jersey manufacturing facility was certified halal, each product must be individually evaluated and approved before it can earn the certification. Aminogen is a plant-derived natural enzyme that is allergen free and has already been certified kosher and self-affirmed GRAS. When added to whey protein, Aminogen can increase free amino acid levels by 100 percent, branched-chain amino-acid levels by 250 percent and nitrogen retention by 32 percent, research shows.

Study shows extract’s anti-microbial action

Graminex, producer of non-solvent Flower Pollen Extract, has completed preliminary studies with Georgetown University investigating the anti-microbial action of Graminex NAX 7% Paste. NAX 7% Paste has been shown to possess antimicrobial properties effective against a number of pathogens. This standardized extract offers the nutrient profile found in the lipid soluble portion of the Flower Pollen Extract. This portion is extremely high in antioxidants and phytosterols. The finished raw material is standardized to meet exact phytosterol levels for every batch. Applications include nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and food and beverage industries.

Supplier joins fair trade association

Brazilian natural and organic ingredient supplier Beraca has become a member of the nonprofit association Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT). The group promotes the fair trade of ingredients from native biodiversity, and its members commit to gradually ensuring that their sourcing practices promote the conservation of biodiversity, respect traditional knowledge, and assure the fair and equitable sharing of benefits throughout the supply chain. From its adoption as a member of UEBT, Beraca starts a period of five years in which it will undergo periodic audits and must submit annual reports on the company’s progress toward full compliance to standards established by the association.

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