Completion of Randomized Clinical Trial in Women for Slowing Hair Loss

BANGOR, MAINE, AUGUST 5, 2002 -- An often-overlooked problem for many aging women is the loss of hair and the subsequent problems brought on by this change. Our society allows for men’s hair to become thin or bald, but not women. Women are clearly seeking help from herbal products for this problem.

Biotech Corporation, Glastonbury CT has formulated an herbal blend designed to promote healthy hair in women by slowing the process of losing hair using a number of individual herbs with purported properties for doing so. Their formula features several Chinese herbs with a long tradition for helping prevent hair loss.

A clinical trial featuring randomized, triple blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group design showed statistically significant differences at the 0.05 level for a number of parameters associated with hair loss and overall appearance. Women were included if they were between the ages of 40 and 60 and were excluded if they had prior hair (surgical) procedures, alcohol abuse, severe co-morbid conditions, or the inability to tolerate the herbal blend. Subjects took a dietary supplement and used a lotion on the scalp on a daily basis. One hundred women were randomized following signed an IRB-approved consent form. Twenty-six and seven subjects completed the trial respectively for the product and placebo groups in this six-month trial. End-points included self-evaluations, serial pictures, and hair counts and were designed to mimic pharmaceutical studies.

The baseline characteristics were similar between the two groups. The efficacy of NuHair was demonstrated with subjective measures of hair thickness, perceived appearance, satisfactions, continued used, and recommendations. There were indications that actual hair growth was attained but the company is awaiting a second trial before confirming these results. No significant adverse events were reported in this study. A second larger study is currently underway with both men and women using an ultra sensitive digital photographic technique.

Marshall-Blum Herbal Research Clinic is an independent research company based in Bangor, ME, which continues to product high quality studies on herbal products of interest in today’s marketplace. Dr. Jim Blum is a medical clinical researcher who is an adjunct professor with the University of Maine and Husson College.

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