Consumers Search for Healthy Cleaning Products That Work

According to Orange Glo International Survey, Most Americans Prefer Natural Cleaning Products to Harsh Chemicals

Source: Orange Glo International

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Jan. 14, 2001 - Consumers overwhelmingly are wary of the harsh chemicals found in many household cleaning products, preferring instead to clean with products that are proven safe for themselves and their family, according to a recent survey. The survey, conducted on behalf of Orange Glo International - makers of OxiClean*, Orange Glo*, Orange Clean* and Kaboom(tm) - took a look at the cleaning habits, perceptions and product preferences of 704 men and women nationwide.

The research confirms a clear majority of Americans are committed to keeping their homes clean and feel cleaning is an important part of their lifestyle. The way people clean today - preferring fresh-smelling solutions that do not harm the skin, children or pets - is a significant trend in American cleaning attitudes, the survey showed. And, according to a separate 2001 trade report by the Fragrance Foundation, "disinfecting smells are out. Pleasant, clean and inviting fragrances are in."

Orange Glo International's research reveals that:

  • Most consumers - 69 percent - strongly agree that natural cleaning products are preferred for laundry as long as the products are effective at removing stains and odors
  • 65 percent said they also avoid products harmful to their skin
  • Only 40 percent think strong cleaning chemicals are fine to use all the time
  • And less than half, 47 percent, believe that there is no substitute for bleach
  • The top three reasons consumers cite in choosing a cleaning product are:
  • Good value for the money (selecting products that work)
  • Easily available at retail
  • Not harmful to children or pets

Who's Who: How Do Americans Clean?
According to Orange Glo's survey, Americans who clean fit into four basic categories:

  1. Cleaning Challenged (19 percent) - Laissez-fair attitudes, not bothered by lack of housekeeping.
  2. Casual Cleaners (26 percent) - Care about cleanliness, but other activities take precedence. They do not have a preset cleaning schedule, and their busy, hectic lifestyle often preempts their ability to clean.
  3. Clean & Natural (31 percent) - Have a strong desire to keep things clean, dislike strong chemicals and prefer natural products. They do not mind investing the time to keep the household clean.
  4. Clean at All Costs (24 percent) - Might consider nuclear radiation if they thought it would do the best cleaning job. They have a preset schedule for cleaning and are willing to use harsh chemicals to do it.

The key attitudes that define consumer's cleaning habits are:

  • Somewhat or strongly agree Challenged Casual Clean/Natural
  • Clean at all costs
  • You keep your house spotless 7% 26% 60% 87%
  • Guests should see a model home 33% 69% 92% 92%
  • Prefer natural cleaners 96% 85% 95% 93%
  • Stick to a preset cleaning schedule 7% 20% 37% 81%
  • Strong chemicals are fine 11% 52% 10% 80%

As a result, for those who are committed, cleaning is an important part of life as the task demonstrates their personality and attention to detail. The way people clean today - preferring solutions that do not harm the skin, children or pets - is a significant trend in American cleaning attitudes. A June 2001 collection of secondary research from the Mintel International Group supports this finding, concluding that "the most important factor to consumers in the future will be keeping the home a safer and healthier environment."

Orange Glo International Survey Information
In a nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Orange Glo International by Talmey-Drake Research & Strategy, Inc., 704 men and women over the age of 21 were telephoned and asked what they thought about the products they use to clean their homes (95 percent confidence with +/- 3.7 percent).

About Orange Glo International
Orange Glo International began developing its naturally powerful products more than 15 years ago. The first product, Orange Glo* Wood Cleaner & Polish, was developed in the Appel family garage by founder Max Appel. Word of this remarkable product spread as the Appels began offering it at state fairs, home shows and stores across the United States and Canada. Since then, Orange Glo has grown to become a trusted source for powerful and healthy cleaning products worldwide. With sales of more than $200 million in 2001, the company continues to expand in an increasingly crowded market, making Orange Glo the 10th fastest-growing private company in the country, according to Inc. Magazine in 2001. Today, consumers can find Orange Glo products in such retail outlets as Sam's Club, Costco, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens 'N Things and many regional grocery and drug stores. For more information, please go to

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