Country Life® Introduces 2 Unique New Omega Products Designed Especially For Women Before, During & After Pregnancy

(Hauppauge, NY – March 2005) Addressing consumers ever increasing desire for more products with the benefits of essential fatty acids, Country Life® is introducing 2 unique Omega items each specifically formulated to address health needs 1) before and during pregnancy, and 2) after pregnancy.

Prenatal Omega Mom™ – Provides additional benefits that traditional prenatal vitamins do not. Specially formulated with important ingredients including DHA from fish oil to support:
- Healthy fetal development
- Infant brain, eye and bone development
- Bone, cardiovascular and immune system function for the mother
- Nerve and neurological development
- Soothing the digestive tract

Postpartum Omega Mom™ – Specially formulated with EFAs and other important ingredients to provide mother with:
- Calcium for structural support
- Alkyglycerol from shark liver oil for mother and child immune support
- GLA from borage oil to support breast milk production
- DHA for postpartum mood support

Country Life® is a leading manufacturer of vitamins, nutritional supplements and natural beauty care. It is a family owned and operated business that was founded more than 30 years ago. Country Life® is proud of being one of the first NNFA members to receive the certified seal of approval for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Contact: Jodi Billet at (631)232-5400

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