CPB to Offer Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc.'s Krill and Other Marine Products

Under the provisions set forth in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc., has met the mandated 75 day safety substantiation rule prior to sale of its products. These products include NEPTUNE KRILL OIL™ (NKO™), NEPTUNE KRILL AQUATEIN™ (NKA™) and NEPTUNE LYO-KRILL™ (NLK™).

Ongoing clinical trials are exhibiting promising benefits in the area of reducing cholesterol and minimizing the symptoms of PMS, as seen in published interim reports. (Copies available from CPB) Additional clinical studies in other health related areas will be available in the coming weeks.

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc., exploits its patent pending extraction process for marine biomasses such as Krill and other marine resources, offering its products to the nutraceutical, cosmetic, cosmeceutical and biopharmaceutical markets.

Neptune’s exclusive sales agent, CPB International, Inc., located in Newfoundland, New Jersey is accepting orders for shipments and can be reached at 973-208-6288.

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