CreAgri Announces the Introduction of 6%HIDROX(TM), A Patented Polyphenol Formula Containing High Concentration Hydroxytyrosol

(Hayward, California) Currently, antioxidant ingredients are widely used in free radical protection products. A new technological advancement developed by CreAgri, Inc. of Hayward, CA enables the use of potent olive juice polyphenols as a novel class of antioxidants. Hydroxytyrosol is the primary olive-juice-derived polyphenol with the highest free radical protection ever reported for an antioxidant compound, registering an ORAC value of 27,000. It is not only the most potent natural antioxidant known, but also probably the most efficiently absorbed by the body, outdoing the majority of known antioxidants.

CreAgri, Inc. is poised to supply antioxidant demand with HIDROX™, its patented proprietary name for hydroxytyrosol-rich polyphenols that are recovered from the pulp of organic olives through a patented, separation process. Now CreAgri opens up additional product application possibilities and business opportunities with its launch of organic, excipient-free, 6.0% HIDROX™ freeze-dried powder.

“The 6.0% HIDROX™ polyphenols formulation represents a new and exciting addition to our HIDROX™ 2.0% and 0.5% formulations. It addresses a series of applications in specific dietary supplement, skin and personal care products where the presence of a natural, totally organic antioxidant with additional anti-inflammatory activity may be required both topically and systemically,” announces Dr. Roberto Crea, President, CEO and Chief Scientist at CreAgri, Inc. CreAgri, one of the world’s leading developer and supplier of polyphenol antioxidants from the pulp of certified organic olives, is currently working on a series of alliances with end product manufacturers to include HIDROX™ in a range of product formulations, including dietary supplements, personal care items, cosmetics, functional foods and animal feed and health products.

Because 6.0% HIDROX™ is organic, concentrated and excipient-free, recommended doses of hydroxytyrosol can be delivered in small volumes making it particularly attractive in combination formulations. Since 6.0% HIDROX™ is a freeze-dried formulation, it reconstitutes to unadulterated olive juice allowing customized concentration changes to be adjusted according to the demands of specific product applications.

Olive juice comprises nearly 50% of an olive’s volume; more than double that of olive oil. It also contains as much as 300 times more polyphenols, including a predominance of hydroxytyrosol-derived polyphenols, than the best extra virgin olive oil. Consumers taking HIDROX™ get the powerful health benefits found in the Mediterranean diet without the fat and calories associated with olive oil. Laboratories around the world have shown that polyphenols from olive oil may actually attack the many inflammatory processes in the body that are at the root of aging and tissue degeneration. Olive polyphenols have shown promising results with respect to atherosclerosis, joint comfort, antimicrobial activity, cancer, skin damage and photoprotection. Consumers taking HIDROX™ have also reported increased energy levels, alertness and improved hair, skin and nails.

Even the most potent antioxidant in the world may be useless if the body cannot absorb it into the bloodstream. Hydroxytyrosol exhibits extraordinary bioavailability levels as its molecular size and structures allows it to cross the GI lumen and cells of the body to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Dr. Crea, Founder of CreAgri, developed a unique proprietary process to recover HIDROX™ from olive water (or juice), the water commonly disposed of as waste after olives are pressed for oil. The process is called Integrale™ and is protected by three US patents; the resulting liquid, after a proprietary processing step, is formulated as HIDROX™. Uniquely, CreAgri removes the olive pits before pressing to avoid the presence in the olive juice of unwanted compounds contained in the seed. No chemical solvents are used during the Integrale™ separation and there is no waste; the process is completely environmentally friendly. A vertically integrated operation, CreAgri produces its dietary supplements and olive oil from organic olives grown on the company’s own 150 acre organic olive ranch.

CreAgri’s goal is to develop superior natural products that achieve “The Creative Balance of Nature and Technology.” The company develops science-based processes that are environmentally friendly and compatible with sustainable agricultural methods. For more information on CreAgri, Inc., or HIDROX™, visit, call toll-free: 866-4-CREAGRI, or call Christie Communications at 805-565-4122.

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