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Cutting-edge research

Chemi-Nutra's alpha-GPC powers up
AlphaSize alpha-GPC leads to more peak power and more force than placebo. The study gave a single dose of 600mg A-GPC 90 minutes prior to exercise. Rigorous exercise bouts consisted of six sets of squats followed by three sets of bench press throws.
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Triarco's CranSmart outwits UTIs
CranSmart contains A-linkage proanthocyanidins that inhibit E coli — the bacterium responsible for 90 per cent of urinary tract infections — from adhering to human cells. In addition, CranSmart contains a comprehensive organic acid profile. Thirdly, the extract may help to fight inflammation with the cranberry flavonols quercetin, myricetin and kaempferol.
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D cuts bone-fracture risk
A daily dose of vitamin D supplements may cut the chance of bone fractures in people 65 and older. A research review published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that bone fractures not involving the spine were 20 per cent less likely and hip fractures were 18 per cent less likely among seniors taking more than 400IU/day vitamin D.
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Lycopene supports bone health
A USDA-funded study investigated the role of carotenoids, lycopene in particular, for preventing osteoporosis. Researchers followed nearly 1,000 subjects for 15 years for hip fractures and non-vertebral fractures. Those with higher lycopene intake had lower risk of both fractures, leading researchers to believe that lycopene may protect against fractures in this population of elderly Caucasian men and women.
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