Cyvex Introduces a new signature ingredient - BerryVida(TM) Standardized Antioxidant Blend

IRVINE, CA - Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., a leading nutraceutical ingredient manufacturer, has launched BerryVida™, a high-ORAC blend standardized for phenol, ellagic acid and anthocyanin content, for use in nutritional supplements and functional foods. This ingredient is made from the combination of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cranberries, plus grape and pomegranate extracts.

BerryVida™ is supported by peer-reviewed research demonstrating that fruit-derived antioxidants may exert the following three mechanisms of action: 1. protect against the onset of cardiovascular disease; 2. help prevent platelet aggregation; 3. help to induce the body’s creation and release of protective enzymes that work to help support the body in protecting against development of cancer.

According to Cyvex founder Gilbert Gluck, the recommended dosage of BerryVida™ is 300 mg per day.“BerryVida™ unleashes the antioxidant power of berries,” she said.“We know that most consumers do not eat enough servings of fruits per day to give them the protective benefits that berries can afford.We developed this product to help consumers protect themselves against oxidative stress, a key factor in today’s hectic lifestyles. This product has extraordinary potential in the dietary supplement and functional foods marketplace, as marketers can develop it as a stand-alone or in combination with synergistic ingredients for formulas or foods.”

Cyvex Nutrition Inc. is actively engaged in the research, development and marketing of natural compounds for the nutritional product industry. BerryVida joins an impressive family of similar high-quality, well-researched compounds for health promotion.

Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. – Nutraceutical Ingredients You Can Trust!

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