Cyvex Nutrition Supply Side West Trade Show

Please visit Cyvex Nutrition at Supply Side West:
Venetian Hotel Exhibit Hall
Las Vegas, NV
September 30 and October 1, 2004
Booth #1662

Are you seeking a supplier-partner that provides innovation, exceptional quality and regulatory compliance of science based ingredients? Do you need to rely on your ingredient supplier so that you can go to market quickly, efficiently and with confidence?

Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. is a supplier of innovative ingredients since 1984. We offer well-researched ingredients, mostly made in the USA to help you provide health-conscious consumers with products they can trust.

At Supply Side West in Las Vegas, September 30 and October 1, Cyvex Nutrition will be exhibiting our latest health-giving compounds, and our staff can suggest applications in nutritional supplements and functional food products. Cyvex' proprietary compounds address a range of the most widespread health conditions, e.g.: BroccoSinolate™ broccoli sprout concentrate (glucosinates), ArthroColl® chicken collagen type II (Joint Support); BerryVin™ high-ORAC berry/full spectrum grape extract (Antioxidant Defense); BioCosanol™ sugar policosanol (Cardiovascular Support); BioVinca® vinpocetine (Brain Function Support); and LactoCalcium™ milk minerals (Bone Support), among others.

Cyvex Nutrition will also be debuting three new products, each with a solid portfolio of scientific support, and patent protection. These include: Sport Juice™ coconut juice powder 1:15 (natural electrolyte, applications in natural sport beverages); BroccoSinolate™ broccoli sprout concentrate standardized to 4% glucosinolates (protection against carcinogenic damage) and PomEllagic™, a pomegranate extract with 70% ellagic acid (part of our family of “red” antioxidants).

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative nutraceutical ingredients and has earned an impeccable reputation over the last 20 years in business. Cyvex Nutrition certifies its products using NutriPrint™, a proprietary quality testing protocol.

We look forward to spending time with you during the show. Please feel free to call ahead and make an appointment to visit us at our booth (#1662 ), or simply stop by. We wish you a successful and educational experience at Supply Side West.

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