Dakota Beef Supports Efforts to Contain Mad Cow Disease in Canada

May 21, 2003, - Chicago, IL - Dakota Beef LLC supports the United States Department of Agriculture's decision to secure the safety of the United States food supply by halting the importation of beef products from Canada, following the discovery of a cow infected with Mad Cow Disease in Alberta, Canada.

This event does not alter our commitment with the Canadian Organic Livestock Association to supply beef to the European Union Market.

The spread of Mad Cow Disease is believed to be a result of the feeding of meat and bone meal to cattle, a practice that is strictly forbidden under certified organic regulations. Additionally, the eight-year incubation period for MCD exceeds the life-span of the cattle currently in the certified organic program in both Canada and the United States.

Therefore, we are confident that following a full investigation by the USDA, cattle raised by members of the Canadian Organic Livestock Association will be among the first to be released from the current restriction and allowed back into the United States for processing.

Dakota Beef LLC is a fully integrated beef processing company providing private label Organic and Natural beef for retail and food service industry sale. Additional information can be found at www.dakotabeefcompany.com

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