Danone launches new 95% plant-based Actimel bottle

Danone launches new 95% plant-based Actimel bottle

The new bottle for the UK probiotic drinking yogurt comes as part of a wider commitment by Danone to reduce its impact on the environment. 

Actimel, the UK’s favourite probiotic drinking yogurt announces today that its white plastic bottles are now made from a minimum of 95 percent sugar cane, a renewable plant resource.  The switch to sugar cane will reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in bottle production, mainly crude oil.  Actimel is one of the first dairy brands to use this technology from Braskem, the first supplier in the world of the plant-based plastic, green HDPE.

Sugar cane is a 100 percent renewable and fast growing plant and is used to make ethanol which is then transformed into plastic during the manufacturing process. The sugar cane is grown in Brazil and has a low impact on land use: one hectare of land producing over 550,000 Actimel bottles.  The bottles are still 100% recyclable and can be recycled in the same way as plastic milk bottles.The look, colour and texture of the bottle remain the same and the great taste of Actimel has not changed. Packaging promoting the NEW 95% plant-based bottle will hit shelves in October for six weeks.

Corinne Chant, Marketing Director of Danone Dairies in the UK said: “We are delighted that customers can now buy our NEW 95% plant-based bottle. Changing the bottle from oil-based to plant-based is a big step for Danone UK and is part of our wider sustainability journey.”

The move comes as part of a wider commitment by Danone to reduce its impact on the environment.  Danone Dairies in the UK has reduced the carbon footprint of its products by over 20% since 2008 across all direct business activities, and is now on track to achieve 30% reduction by 2012[1]. In the last ten years, Danone Dairies in the UK has for instance, reduced the weight of the Actimel bottle by 50 percent from 11g to 5.5g, saving over 2,000 tons of plastic per year.

[1]The reduction of carbon intensity ie footprint, is calculated per gram of C0â‚‚ per kg of finished product. The scope of the reduction covers packaging, manufacturing and logistics and excludes raw materials and retail and domestic use. 

About Actimel:

Actimel is the UK’s favourite drinking yogurt. Each bottle contains 10 billion exclusive L. casei cultures. Actimel has been voted ‘most trusted Probiotic Drinking Yoghurt’ in 2010 by Reader’s Digest, winning the accolade for the third year in a row. Actimel is produced by Danone Ltd.

For more information please visit www.actimel.co.uk

The World Health Organisation defines probiotics as the following: “Live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.” Many different probiotic strains exist and the health benefits are acknowledged to be strain specific.

In the UK, Danone has two product ranges which contain proprietary bacteria strains: Actimel and Activia. Actimel contains the exclusive strain L.casei Danone. Studies on Actimel illustrate a benefit to the body’s defences.  Activia contains the exclusive strain Bifidus Actiregularis. Studies on Activia demonstrate a benefit to reducing digestive discomfort.

The effect of Actimel is demonstrated in 27 publications of peer-reviewed clinical studies, including one publication in the BMJ. There are 17 publications of clinical studies supporting Activia. Visit www.studies.danone.com to find out more.


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