Demand Increasing for Milk Protein Isolate Manufactured at American Casein Company

BURLINGTON, NJ - July 21, 2003 - American Casein Company (AMCO) manufacturer of milk protein isolate at its facility in Burlington, New Jersey, has noted significant increases in product demand over the course of the year.

Demand for the company's milk protein isolate (CMP-221) has increased by over 25 percent since January.

Clifford E. Lang, Jr., General Sales Manager, commented,"AMCO manufactures milk protein isolate through a spray drying process which promotes a clean, milk-like flavor, good dispersibility, and excellent solubility and functional properties. This high-protein ingredient is generally used to manufacture health and nutritional products."

American Casein Company is a privately-owned corporation with more than 45 years of experience providing powder protein ingredients to Fortune 500 companies in the health & nutritional, beverage, food, and personal care industries. The company is based in Burlington, New Jersey.


Jane Macey, Media Contact
(609) 387-3130 Ext. 225
Email: [email protected]

Clifford E. Lang, Jr., Technical Contact
(609) 387-3130 Ext. 232
Email: [email protected]

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