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Desiccant Dispenser Designed For Nutraceutical and Vitamin Supplement Operations

Orchard Park, NY – April 21, 2005 – Nutraceutical manufacturers can improve packaging line efficiency and speed with the new APA 1000 desiccant dispensing system from Active-Pak Automation.

The APA 1000 system automatically inserts desiccant and oxygen absorber sachets at rates up to 120 per minute, providing critical product protection from moisture and oxidation, and extending shelf life. Specifically designed to meet the production needs of vitamin supplement manufacturers economically, the APA 1000 helps companies meet FDA and cGMP standards without incurring the costs of pharmaceutical-speed machinery.

The APA 1000 is similar to equipment used for high-speed pharmaceutical packaging lines, but it is designed to meet the needs of the nutraceutical manufacturer. The system employs numerous checkpoints to ensure positive desiccant placement in packaging and consistent packet separation from spool lines. The dispenser system provides convenient touch-screen line speed flexibility and can be easily incorporated into existing packaging lines. It also provides an additional means of revenue for companies, allowing nutraceutical facilities to operate as outsourced pharmaceutical co-packing or contract packaging agents.

The APA 1000 system is most widely used on bottling lines and can work in conjunction with horizontal flow wrappers, vertical/horizontal form-fill seal machinery, thermoformed/cold formed pouching machines and other packaging systems. Active-Pak Automation custom designs equipment to fit specific requirements and provides on-site technical support to quickly adapt machinery to plant operations.

The APA 1000 can run a wide range of sachet sizes from 15 to 50 mm in width and 30 to 100 mm in length. Continuous desiccant reels such as StripPaxÒ desiccants from Multisorb Technologies provide manufacturers with desiccant size flexibility and occupy less space in packaging than canisters.
The optimized StripPax sachet sizes avoid “double-drops” of rigid one-gram canisters, adding to even greater cost savings.

Active-Pak Automation specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-speed equipment for the insertion of sorbents into product packaging. Active-Pak Automation is a turnkey source for high speed dispensing systems, offering high quality equipment and expert service and support to meet customer needs. Dispensing systems are the sole focus of Active-Pak Automation’s business. This focus gives the company the benefit of specialized expertise with automated insertion equipment for a wide variety of applications including pharmaceutical, medical, nutraceutical, diagnostic, food, and electronic products.

Active-Pak Automation Headquarters is located at 340 Centre Drive Orchard Park, NY 14127-4102 USA.
For more information contact: (716) 662-3475; Fax: (716) 662-8281; Email: [email protected]

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