Destiny Delivers Multivitamins to Immune-Suppressed Populations

Destiny's researchers have formulated a multivitamin designed specifically to bolster the immune system

Toronto, ON, November 1st, 2004 - Destiny Health & Wellness, a leading Canadian Natraceutical Company, has launched its’ Destiny Cares Initiative to deliver the company's clinically-based multivitamin formula to immune-suppressed populations around the globe. The initiative includes working with charitable organizations to raise funds to pay for the multivitamins and distribute them to highly affected areas. The product is sold at cost to the charities, who then distribute the product to the main areas affected today, including Africa, Asia, India and The Caribbean.

“We have developed our formula based on numerous clinical studies showing the efficacy of a multivitamin that includes vitamins B, C and E in combination and its positive effects on strengthening the immune system.” said Shawn Smith, President of Destiny Health & Wellness. “The most significant study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. As a natural health company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives, we needed to take a leadership role in helping as many people around the world as possible. We need to develop further solutions to help these people in need.” added Smith.

To find out more about the Destiny Cares Initiative or to donate to this program, please visit

About Destiny Health & Wellness

Destiny Health & Wellness is a leading Natraceutical Company whose prime directive is to develop the most effective Natural Health Solutions available. Destiny designs, markets and distributes advanced natural health supplement solutions to enhance and revitalize the individual’s natural, unique metabolic processes utilizing the science of how the body works.

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