Dow AgroSciences Launches High-Stability Canola Oil to Cut Trans From the Food Supply

Meets Dietary Guidelines to Decrease Both Trans and Saturated Fats

INDIANAPOLIS, Sep 27, 2004 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Dow AgroSciences LLC today announced that Natreon(TM) canola oil, an improved, natural, highly- stable oil, is readily available to replace partially-hydrogenated oils used in commercial applications. Natreon canola oil is virtually trans-fat free and is the lowest in saturated fat of any vegetable oil. The fatty acid profile of this oil is consistent with the new US Dietary Guidelines Committee recommendations to significantly decrease saturated and trans fats in the diet, much of which come from food service items, snacks, baked goods and processed foods.

"We are working with major oilseed processors to supply large volumes of this unique, healthy and functional oil to the marketplace," said David Dzisiak, global business leader, Oils/Oilseeds for Dow AgroSciences. Natreon canola oil will be available this fall in North America in high-volume quantities.

There is scientific consensus that trans and saturated fats should be cut simultaneously in the diet to achieve maximum health benefits. The recommendation from the 2005 US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is to decrease saturated fats in the diet and to keep trans fatty acid consumption at less than or equal to one percent of total calories, recognizing that some trans fat is naturally occurring in meat and dairy products and in the standard processing of oils. This is the first time that the government has put an upper limit on trans fat consumption.

In addition to health benefits, Natreon canola oil has natural stability, making it ideal for products that require extended shelf-life, such as baked goods and snack foods, and for high-heat applications, such as frying. Fry studies have shown that Natreon, a non-hydrogenated oil, outperforms partially hydrogenated soybean oil in stability, fry life, reduced polar compound formation, nutritional quality of food, and all sensory attributes.

Dow AgroSciences, LLC, began research and development in the 1990's on a trans-free, low-saturated fat oil with superior functional qualities. There was a strong belief that modern agriculture could provide solutions to meet the increasing consumer demand for healthful and convenient foods.

Natreon canola oil was developed using advanced plant breeding techniques, but remains non-transgenic (non-GMO). Nexera(TM), the seed that yields Natreon, is produced under identity preserved systems. This year, high yielding Nexera canola varieties were launched which will enable large-scale production. Continual investment in plant breeding delivers Nexera varieties with exceptional yields, ensuring the ease of production and competitiveness of Natreon. All Nexera varieties produce a consistent Natreon canola oil quality that is highly stable.

Like traditional canola oil, Natreon contains about 7 percent saturated fat, the lowest of any vegetable oil. The unsaturated fat profile of Natreon(TM) also is desirable with more than 70 percent monounsaturated fat and a higher omega-3 polyunsaturated fat content than most of the partially hydrogenated oils it can replace. Natreon canola oil is a unique naturally stable alternative to partially hydrogenated oils for food service and manufacturers who are looking to simultaneously decrease trans and saturated fats in their products today.

Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is a global leader in providing pest management and biotechnology products that improve the quality and quantity of the earth's food supply and contribute to the health and quality of life of the world's growing population. Dow AgroSciences has approximately 5,700 people in more than 50 countries dedicated to its business, and has worldwide sales of US $3 billion. Dow AgroSciences is a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. For more information about Dow AgroSciences, visit

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