Draco Supplies Agaricus blazei (Murill) Mushroom

(San Jose, CA. April 28, 2003) A Full Spectrum Standardized™ extract of Agaricus blazei (Murill) (ABM) is now available from Draco Natural Products, Inc., headquartered here in San Jose, CA. ABM is a medicinal species of mushroom indigenous to Brazil that has been the subject of extensive Japanese research after it was discovered in use in Brazil by Japanese ethnobotanists in the 1980’s. Called Himematsutake in Japan, and Cogmelo de Deus (God’s Mushroom) in Brazil, Agaricus blazei is prized for its anti-cancer and immune system stimulating activities. The mushroom is rich in highly branched long chain sugars known as â (beta) glucan polysaccharides that have been found in studies to have anti-tumor and anti-mutagenic effects. The â-glucans also boost the production and activity of macrophages, which are the first line of immune defense in the body. According to researchers, ABM is a richer source of â-glucans than Maitake, Shiitake or Reishi.

Draco’s Full Spectrum Standardized extract of ABM is standardized to 55% total polysaccharides and contains the full range of plant constituents in its balanced natural proportions. At 55% Draco’s ABM has the highest level of polysaccharides currently on the market.

Draco Natural Products, Inc. is a world leader in the raw material manufacture and supply of Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™, widely used in nutritional supplement, functional food, beverage, and cosmeceutical products. The company produces over 400 extracts and formulas at its own ISO9000 certified processing facility. All Draco products are Kosher certified. Please inquire at (408) 287-7871 or at www.dracoherbs.com.

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