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DSEA Call to Action

Most of us are aware of the three-day news broadcast discrediting dietary supplements that appeared on ABC World News Tonight this week.

The industry knew these stories were in production and before they were finalized sent out an email blast recommending that supplement users contact ABC News with their positive experiences. None was contacted and we found it impossible to convince them to present a balanced view.

We are asking everyone to write, e-mail or blog ABC News with your displeasure of their biased reporting to America .

We are not preparing a stock letter or format to just click and send; we would like each of you to express your own personal take on what has been reported as it immeasurably more effective. While we are not telling you what to write, we do recommend that you refute the substance of the reporting with factual information. If you haven’t seen the series of reports, or if you want to refresh you memory about their content, you can view them at the following link: Key issues include: failure of the reports to include any information or positive experiences of supplement users; distortion and exaggeration of supplement risks; lack of acknowledgement of the many substantiated benefits of using dietary supplements; and assertion that supplements are not regulated.

Here are the ways you can contact ABC News:

1. Add your comments to the blog for this series. This will have the benefit of being seen not only by ABC, but all who visit the site. Almost 100 percent of the current postings took ABC News to task for their reporting on supplements. Here's the site:

2. Send an e-mail to ABC World News Tonight. Here’s the address:

3. Write David Westin, the news president. You can reach him via letter at the following address:

David Westin
News President
47 W . 66th Street
New York, NY 10023-6290

4. Send a separate letter to Dr. Timothy Johnson, the medical editor responsible for the series. You can send an original letter or a copy of the letter to David Westin (or vice versa)

Dr. G. Timothy Johnson
Medical Editor
ABC News
c/o Amy Malick, Health & Medicine Producer/Editor
175 Highland Ave, Ste . 4
Needham, MA 02494-3034

Let’s all pull together on this and make our voices heard. If you copy DSEA on your correspondence, we’ll keep track of the responses. Email: [email protected] or mail: Deb Knowles, Coordinator, DSEA, 4034 Roberts Point , Sarasota , FL 34242 .

Thanks so much for your willingness to take action.

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