DSEA Makes An Impact At Expo West

National Satellite Feed Garners Positive TV Coverage
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) gained positive national television exposure for the industry as a result of a satellite media tour transmitted live from Natural Products Expo West on March 8. The event featured interviews with David Heber, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and a member of the DSEA Scientific Advisory Board.

Heber discussed the positive benefits of dietary supplements for cardiovascular health, dietary supplements for women's health, and emerging trends in nutrition and supplementation. He mentioned more than 18 products, including glucosamine, chondroitin, phytosterols and dong quai. Many industry products were shown during the satellite broadcast following a request to industry by DSEA for product samples.

"Millions of Americans are seeing a positive message about dietary supplements on their televisions as a result of our successful effort," said DSEA President Elliott Balbert. "This is one clear example of the impact that this industry-wide initiative can have."

The segment aired live in cities including San Francisco and Las Vegas, and many additional news broadcasters requested taped segments or interviews with Heber for later airing. Among these was the Fox News national feed and news stations in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. Additionally, the segment was sent to every television station in the United States via satellite on Friday. The DSEA anticipates continued coverage of this segment and is monitoring the media exposure. Actual confirmed audience statistics will be provided to the trade as soon as they are available.

News coverage is confirmed to have aired or expected to air in the following cities: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; Detroit, MI; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; Albany, NY; Orlando, FL; Charleston, WV; Springfield, IL; Lincoln, NE; Youngstown, OH; Altoona, PA; Florence, SC; Montgomery, AL; Salt Lake City, UT; Norfolk, VA; Greensboro, NC; Moosic, PA (near Wilkes-Barre); Huntington, WV; Amarillo, TX

Brands and companies that appeared in the national satellite broadcast included The Chemins Company, Cognis Nutrition and Health, Herbal Alchemist, Herbalife, Kyolic, Natrol, NatureMade, Nature's Answer, Nature's Resource, NOW Foods, Source Naturals, Sundown, Twinlab, and others. Tapes of the broadcast are available for a requested $200 donation to the DSEA by contacting Deb Knowles at (941) 349-9044, and 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the ongoing industry-wide DSEA public relations initiative.

Live Radio at the DSEA Booth
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- HealthTalk Radio, a nationally syndicated radio show, broadcast live from the DSEA booth at Natural Products Expo West and featured interviews with 17 members of the dietary supplement industry. Hosts Shannon Hoffman and Matt Murray covered many topics related to dietary supplements including emerging trends, popular products and the positive impact that health food stores have on the nation's health. The event resulted in more than eight hours of positive radio exposure airing in 40 markets across the country. Radio broadcasts at future industry trade shows are being planned, according to the DSEA.

DSEA Press Conference Publicizes Industry's Good Works
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The DSEA held a press luncheon to publicize a Vitamin Relief USA / Children First Program by The Healthy Foundation that provides basic nutritional supplements to children who are most at risk for malnutrition in the United States. The program currently provides multivitamins to more than 6,000 children of low-income families at more than 100 sites in 35 states.

Survey results were announced during the event that show improvement in the children's behavior and learning since the began taking the supplements. Many of the families and children that benefit from the program were at the event. The event generated coverage on KABC-TV in Los Angeles, and more coverage in print and broadcast media is in process and being monitored. As a result of the event, The Today Show has expressed interest in covering the program.

"There is nothing more important than the children, and this program is the kind of good news about supplements that America needs to see and hear," said DSEA President Elliott Balbert. "DSEA is proud to publicize this story and show the kind of positive impact that our industry can have on the nation's health."

The Healthy Foundation is a public-private partnership that has received strong support from the natural products industry. All vitamins used in the program have been donated by Tishcon Corporation, Westbury, N.Y. Raj Chopra, president, pledged to provide as many vitamins as the program needs. Chopra was presented an award for his commitment to the program during the DSEA Networking Breakfast March 10. Awards were also presented to George and Annette Klabin for their financial support of The Healthy Foundation and to Debra Bass for her work to secure a $500,000 appropriation from Congress to fund program research. The luncheon was sponsored by U.S. Pharmacopeia, which also announced that it would donate its testing services to verify the purity and content of the vitamins used in the program. More information about The Healthy Foundation is available at www.healthfound.org.

DSEA Networking Breakfast Attracts Industry Leaders
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- The DSEA held a networking breakfast March 10 during Natural Products Expo West that attracted more than 200 leaders from the dietary supplement industry. The main topic of conversation was the need for positive media coverage of the benefits of dietary supplements and the role that the DSEA industry-wide initiative can play.

DSEA president Elliott Balbert provided an update on the DSEA's activities:

      * The DSEA has distributed three positive articles about dietary supplements through the North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS) service, generating articles in more than 750 newspapers with readership of more than 30 million. The subjects of the publicity were How To Read A Supplement Label, Remedies for Stress and the launch of the DSEA consumer-education Web site, www.supplementinfo.org.


      * An update on the www.supplementinfo.org Web site included an offer to all members of the industry to link to the site. The Web site provides accurate, science-based information about hundreds of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other supplements. It also provides information designed to help consumers learn how to use these supplements to improve and maintain their health. The Web site does not promote any brand or company, and links from retailers, distributors and manufacturers are free. To link to the site, contact Deb Knowles at (941) 349-9044.


      * The DSEA held a national satellite media tour March 8 with Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and a member of the DSEA Scientific Advisory Board.


      * The DSEA has raised over $720,000 from industry contributions since its launch at the NNFA MarketPlace trade show in June 2001. The organization's 3-year goal is $5 million, all of which is to be used to communicate the benefits of dietary supplements to consumers. Companies making contributions to the DSEA:


      American Herbal Products Association, BancCorp Piper Jaffray, Basic Media, Berg Recruiting Naturally, Botanicals International/Hauser, Capsugel, Cardinal Nutrition, Cargill, Carolwood, Carrington Laboratories, Cognis, The Deborah Ray Show, Degussa BioActives, GNC, Gone to Ground, Health Products Business, InterCal, Kemin Foods Inc., Knowledge of Health, Lotus Herbs, Natonal Nutritional Foods Association, NNFA-Southeast Region, NOW Foods, Natrol, Natural Inc., The Natural Marketing Institute Inc., Nature's Best, Nature's Products, New Hope Natural Media, Nourishingfoods.com, NSF International, Nutraceutical Corp., Nutricia USA, Nutraceuticals World, Nutrition Now Inc., Phillips Publishing, Pure World/Madis Botanicals, Retail Insights, Rexall Sundown, Shangri-La Inc., The Shelton Group, Stauber Performance, Third Street Market, Triarco, TwinLab, Ullman, Shapiro, & Ullman, LLP, Unicity, United Natural Foods, Virgo Publishing, Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc., Vita Logic Inc., Weider Nutrition International


      * The DSEA board of directors elected the following officers: President: Elliott Balbert, president/CEO Natrol; Vice President: Rick Prill, vice president of business development, New Hope Natural Media / Penton Media; Secretary/Treasurer: Jon Benninger, group publisher, Virgo Publishing Inc.


      * The DSEA board of directors formed three working committees to plan and execute key components of the initiative: Public Relations Committee chaired by Prill Trade Communications Committee chaired by Benninger Fundraising Committee chaired by Bob Whitelaw, director of sales and marketing Americas region, Capsugel
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