DSEA Paid Media Update and Action assistance Required

Memo From the DSEA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

DSEA is pleased to be able to present a status report on our progress to date with regards to the DSEA Paid Media Initiative scheduled to launch early next year. We’ll provide the highlights to you along with a request for some informational help. For those of you who wish to discuss this in further detail we are prepared to e-mail copies of some of the specific strategy plans, however, we must contain their distribution until all plans are finalized.

Walker & Company, part of the consortium that is working with us to develop the branding and marketing approach, has delivered to us a comprehensive document totaling 60 pages of market assessment, consumer targeting, messaging and much, much more.

Along with the complete document we have received a one page “Brand Articulation” recap that contains the following key components;

Brand Position (by brand we are referring to how consumers view all aspects of the dietary supplement industry including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, publishing companies and service and education organizations).
Reason for Being (the reason the brand came to be)
Prime Target Prospects (a significant homogeneous group)
Principal Benefits (The primary reason(s) for preference; unique points of differentiation
Reasons Why/Support (Reasons prospects can believe the promised benefits will be delivered)

Brand Character: A unique set of associations that formulates an identity in the mind of the consumers, represents what the specific brand stands for, and defines the implied promise to the prospect from the company (or in this case industry).
Unique Selling Proposition (The single most persuasive expression of the principal benefits
Executional Tone (Describes how the consumer will perceive the nature of the communication)

These eight points are part of the Executive Summary Brand Articulation. We have developed Demographics, Psychographics, and Rational and Emotional components.

As you all know we are going to start with a test roll out market campaign. We have developed three potential budgets as the test market component. The media part of the developmental team has proposed three levels and they are; $1.5MM, $3.0MM & $5.0MM. Depending on initial funding we will select the level that is appropriate.

The locations being considered for the test roll out are (with an emphasis on #3 through #5);


These locations have been preliminarily selected for a variety of reasons including store penetration, as well as the demographic and psychographic reasons as articulated in the main working document.

The campaign will be a clear consumer ad campaign as to why a person should take vitamins (vitamins here is meant to be all inclusive and not meant to be exclusive as to what we will be messaging). We are not prepared to release the theme we have selected suffice it to say that it will be every bit as compelling as the famous “Got Milk” campaign. (Folks we realize that is a bold statement, but when you hear what it is you will feel like we did-----“that’s it, that’s what we want the consumer to feel and think” It is powerful. We don’t want to over sell here but it resonates with what we all believe about our industry.

Cause marketing has become a very important part of the current packaged goods marketing environment and we are planning on adding this to the theme message (i.e. we vitamin people are givers and not takers). The campaign has a feel good attitude with a cause to support and more importantly a “call to action” for the viewer. In this way we will be able to measure the results of the industry spend to determine a true ROI. As many of you know, once we validate the test run we hope to raise $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 for a national campaign that will get our message to all Americans and help our society and our industry.

To get to the next stage for us, i.e. story boards, final concepts etc. we need your help with two very important areas. We have an immediate request for help with two needs.

We are fine tuning the message but would like industry input on this as well, so, If you only had 60 seconds to convince someone that vitamins are good for you, what would you say? We’re talking about the elevator pitch here.
Then, with the answer to #1 what is the evidence that supports the claim.

We are also asking for specific guidance to key governmental or academic statements of days gone by that we can access. For example JAMA stated a few years ago that every American should be taking a daily multiple. Can you help us by guiding us to the specific document and date? What other substantive and validated messages exist that we can employ that we, as an industry, feel is beyond reproach. Kindly feel free to distribute to your science people throughout the industry. Please direct all replies to my attention ebalbert@natrol.com and we will aggregate them and present to the development team.

We are also requesting help with engaging 4 or 5 celebrities to assist with this effort. Ideally of course we are seeking the best known with the highest “Q” rating. Having said that we will speak with any recommendation you make. They will be incorporated into the messaging. We have several we are engaging in discussions with now but would welcome any and all assistance on this topic.

Please send your recommendations and a contact number of their agent, publicist or manager to our attention to contact.

Can we please impose on your valuable time to act on these two requests by Friday of this week?

Our apologies for such a lengthy memo but we wanted to provide a thorough status report to industry. The DSEA is very pleased to be helping with this project but wish to clearly convey the message that this is an industry initiative that includes all associations, trade groups and interested parties. If we raise the water level then all of our boats rise together.

We look forward to providing further updates as we make progress towards this exciting effort.

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