DSEA SupplySide East Fundraising Dinner Features New Projects; Motivates Industry Stakeholders

BALTIMORE, MD--The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) fundraising dinner May 5 at the SupplySide East trade show was a sell-out, attracting a wide variety of industry members committed to the mission “improving public health by communicating the benefits of dietary supplements.”

Seventy-five guests were briefed on current DSEA projects, including preliminary results of the latest “Barometer Survey” presented by Steve French of the Natural Marketing Institute. The Barometer Survey is an ongoing consumer poll that uncovers key issues and attitudes. DSEA will be releasing results of the survey soon.

The dinner also premiered the new Dietary Supplement Economic Impact Database. This landmark project is creating a database and reporting capability to illustrate the economic impact of the dietary supplement industry. The Database is a cutting edge, web-based, interactive tool combining statistics of dietary supplement-related businesses such as suppliers, manufacturers, retailers with geography, US demographics and US federal and state political district boundaries. The database reporting capability uses advanced graphic information system technology to provide maps with industry information charted according to actual location. The maps make a strong visual statement and communicate more effectively than pages of statistics.

“We were extremely pleased with the generous donations pledged that evening by supporters including Aloecorp, Capsugel, New Hope, Nutraceutical, Nutraceutix, Nutritional Laboratories, Ocean Nutrition, Pharmline, Stauber, Technical Sourcing International, Ullman, Shapiro, Ullman, Virgo Publishing, and Whole Foods Magazine,” said Elliott Balbert, DSEA president and president and CEO of Natrol.

“The DSEA Fundraising Dinner has become a very popular event at SupplySide East,” said Jon Benninger, DSEA president elect and business development director for Virgo Publishing. “People enjoy the informal atmosphere and networking opportunity, as well as the chance to make a donation to this important initiative.”

A generous sponsorship from Kemin Health ensured that 100 percent of the proceeds from the $250 per plate dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse will benefit DSEA education and communications initiatives. Almost $50,000 was donated during the course of the evening, bringing the DSEA fundraising total over the past four years to approximately $2 million to date.

For more information, contact Deb Knowles at (941) 349-9044 or [email protected].

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