Earth Power, Inc. Arrives in Natural Foods Industry

(Woodbine, IA) Phyto-Technologies, Inc., a highly-respected manufacturer of quality botanical products, announces the debut of its marketing operation, Earth Power, Inc., to tap a fast-growing, $150 billion global natural foods retail industry.

Founded by Dr. Albert Leung, a classically trained Pharmacognosist, nationally-known author and internationally-respected expert on commercial utilization of natural products, Earth Power products will be made with the highest integrity.

Earth Power products have been developed and processed with Dr. Leung’s working philosophy of “utilizing science without discarding tradition.” With over 25 years experience, the Earth Power project will target the hugely popular US retail industry using this unique philosophy.

Dedicated to the true modernization of Traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Leung and Earth Power are on a mission to preserve the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine while identifying its importance to citizens of the 21st century.

Phyto-Technologies’ leadership in the development and use of herbal products for common maladies was further evidenced by the award of a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health and Department of Health and Human Services. This grant is being used to reveal the secret of feverfew leaf’s ability to prevent migraine headaches.

“The time is right for consumers, especially over-medicated fellow Americans, to understand and choose tonics to maintain good health and prevent sickness rather than relying on modern or herbal drugs for the treatment of symptoms,” stated Vice President and General Manger, Darin Smith.

“We are extremely excited about entering the natural foods retail marketplace and educating consumers on the health benefits of traditional tonics.”

For further press information on Phyto-Technologies and Earth Power, Inc. entering into the natural foods retail market, please check out .


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