EAS adds workshop to address Article 13.1 compliance

EAS adds workshop to address Article 13.1 compliance

Workshop in Brussels comes directly before the deadline for products to be compliant with the EU's list of approved claims.

International regulatory and policy consultancy EAS will hold a final workshop for the year on Dec. 11 in Brussels, limited to 25 participants, to give practical and actionable advice to companies grappling with the EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation.
The workshop, titled “The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation: Benefiting from the present – Succeeding for the future,” has been set directly before the Dec. 14 deadline for products to be in compliance with the EU’s Article 13.1 list of approved claims.

EAS experts Patrick Coppens and Stefanie Geiser, who together bring more than 20 years of experience in European food law, have decided to hold the extra edition of the workshop due to demand, with the last workshop in October sold out.

It also comes one day after the Dec. 10 Standing Committee meeting on General Food Law where the EU Member States will decide on an important European Commission proposal to broaden the list of permitted Article 13.1 health claims.

The workshop will cover the outcome of the meeting, as well as how product claims need to change, how national authorities will enforce the European Union list of permitted claims in terms of claims wordings, what will happen to issues still open to interpretation, and the extent to which communications to health care professionals and business-to-business communications will be permitted.
It will also cover timeframes for certain claims still “on hold,” and how the European Commission or EU Member States will deal with these; how the national enforcement agencies will keep control of all of the new rules in practice, and the decisions likely to be taken on botanicals.
“We have decided to hold this workshop in light of the upcoming December deadline and in response to the growing urgency for businesses to get the concrete advice they need to be able to successfully and sustainably market their products in the EU,” Geiser said. “Our workshop aims to bring clarity on the do’s and don’ts regarding the claims regulation, and we have limited the number to 25 to give attendees the opportunity to address specific questions and challenges.”

At the event, Geiser and Coppens will also address key issues such as other routes for claims rejected from the article 13.1 list of permitted claims and alternative ways of communicating health benefits to consumers, developments in nutrient profiles and how this will impact on the claims regulation and the sector and how to successfully get a claims application through EFSA.

They will also show through case studies the current health claims practices in national markets.

For more information about the workshop or to register contact Cindy Garcet on +32 2 218 14 70, [email protected] or visit http://www.eas.eu/Event/32. 

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