Edensgate launches new natural skin care website

Edensgate launches new natural skin care website

Edensgate announced the launch of their new organic and natural skin care website offering natural and eco friendly products for the family.

Edensgate announced the launch of their new organic and natural skin care website. Offering natural and eco friendly products for all the family at Edensgate.co.uk.

Edensgate have just launched their fantastic new website offering a delightful range of natural and organic skincare products. Whether it's nourishing face creams or refreshing body washes, their new online store has gorgeous, high quality brands to bring out the green goddess in you. All their skin care products are hand picked for their high quality botanical ingredients and their ability to harness the therapeutic benefits of natural plant oils. Your skin will have everything it needs to combat the stresses of modern living.

As approved stockists of leading certified organic and natural brands like Weleda, Trilogy, Organic Trevarno and Madara, Edensgate encourages customers to make natural choices for their skin. Choosing products made in harmony with the natural environment is central to the ethos of the company, according to their founder Anna Moloney.

"We have a deep respect for nature and this philosophy remains at the core of our business. We look for natural products that really work, without the use of harmful synthetic ingredients. This is what really matters to us."

Edensgate encourages sustainability through responsible sourcing and recycling and uses sustainable packaging materials with low environmental impact.

Anna continues,"We are really passionate about natural beauty, and are delighted that more and more people are choosing to reject synthetically made products, in favour of natural ones. In the future we'd love to see an even greater shift towards natural skincare, so that eventually there will be no place for the polluting, synthetic formulas found in the beauty industry today. We have a long way to go, but we know that more people are demanding change and joining us in our vision for greener, healthier and truly natural skincare."

Offering natural and organic face moisturisers, cleansers, body oils, body washes, soaps, hand creams and balms, Edensgate's online store provides excellent skin care for the whole family. With a fine selection of men's skin care products as well as luxury organic products for ladies and babies. You can be sure that all the products are healthy, safe and completely natural.

Popular products include Madara's Moonflower Tinting Fluid, which has just featured in this years Anti Ageing Beauty Bible, written by the UK's leading beauty journalists, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey. Another much loved product is Trevarno's Organic Almond and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion which leaves the skin feeling amazingly soft and supple. For men, Trilogy's Smooth Shave Cream is proving to be a real winner with it's skin-soothing blend of Aloe Vera and Green Tea.

Edensgate offer friendly customer service and free UK delivery on orders over £25.00.

Our bodies are at their best when they are in harmony with nature, so when it comes to skin care products, it makes sense to choose natural ones. Edensgate stock a range of Certified Organic and Natural Skin Care brands. Eco-friendly and sustainable skin care products for all the family.

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