EFSA reveals details of claims-specific workshops

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released more details of a series of eagerly-awaited scientific meetings designed to help companies applying for health claims approval under the EU's Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation.

A first workshop will be held on December 2 in Amsterdam on the subject of gut and immune health, with further events on a range of other specific areas to follow in 2011 and 2012. EFSA said delegates would be limited to "around 100 participants selected on the basis of their experience in the field." Scientific experts wishing to attend would be given precedence, it said, with registration available on EFSA's website from September.

The meetings were intended to "further assist applicants in preparing and submitting their applications for the authorisation of health claims," it said. Issues to be addressed would include which claimed effects were considered beneficial physiological effects and what kinds of studies were appropriate to substantiate both function and disease risk reduction claims.

The gut and immune function meeting will be preceded by the publication online of written guidance on this area in October. EFSA said this guidance would be put out to public consultation and revised in the light of comments received both through the consultation process and at the scientific meeting.

The agency said further consultations and meetings would be held as follows:

  • February 2011: Health claims related to post-prandial blood glucose responses/blood glucose control; health claims related to weight management/energy intake/satiety
  • May 2011: Health claims related to protection against oxidative damage; health claims related to cardiovascular health
  • September 2011: Health claims related to bone, joint and oral health; health claims related to cognitive function
  • February 2012: Health claims related to physical performance.

For more information contact Dr Juliane Kleiner, scientific coordinator at EFSA: [email protected], +39 0521 036 411.

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