elete(TM) Conducts Nationwide Sampling Campaign Through Natural Products Retailers

OGDEN, UTAH (February 2, 2007)—elete™ is conducting a nationwide campaign to distribute free samples of elete™ Electrolyte Add-In, its liquid electrolyte concentrate, direct to consumers through natural products retailers.

“There has never been a better time than now for retailers to become acquainted with elete™,” said Val Anderson, director of sales and marketing for elete™. “We can provide retailers with samples of elete™ Electrolyte Add-In for their customers to try as part of their strength and conditioning nutrition regimen or to support muscle function.”

“Sampling is just one of the many benefits elete™ offers retailers, “added Anderson. “As the spring and summer approaches, retailers may be interested in event sponsorship opportunities in their local area, but might think they don’t have access to the resources to do so. Retailers should know that elete™ can help make event sponsorship possible by supplying retailers with samples, aid station support, and brochures, upon which retailers can stamp their contact information so that stores can sponsor events with product.”

elete™ contains a concentrated blend of essential electrolytes in liquid form. It can be added to water to make pure electrolyte water that still tastes like water. Pure fitness water made with elete™ replenishes electrolytes without the extra sugar, calories, carbs, or the artificial ingredients─colors, flavors, or preservatives—found in other electrolyte-replacement products. elete™ can also be added to any beverage to make an instant electrolyte-replacement drink, and it is compatible with carbohydrate gels. elete™ rapidly replenishes the essential electrolytes magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride that are lost in sweat.

Electrolytes are found in every cell of the body; they regulate the delicate balance of fluid within cells and serve as messengers for the nervous system. Electrolyte deficiency or imbalance also influences muscle cramps in that low deficiency levels prevent muscles from relaxing after contracting, thus leading to cramps.

Over the last two years, elete™ has distributed hundreds of thousands of samples to consumers.

This offer applies to specialty retail stores that carry elete™ such as natural product stores, bicycle shops, and sporting goods stores; distribution of samples and event sponsorship is at the discretion of elete™. To order elete™ samples, call 800.669.1297 or e-mail your request to [email protected]. To download an elete™ sponsorship form go to: http://www.eletewater.com/sponsorships.html

About elete™
elete™ (www.eletewater.com) is the latest cutting-edge innovation in electrolyte replacement. elete™ is the world’s first electrolyte add-in specially designed to replace electrolytes, maintain fluid balance, sustain endurance, and help prevent muscle cramps. elete™ contains no calories, no sweeteners, no flavorings, no artificial ingredients, and no nasty stuff that can impede optimal performance. Because elete™ is a pure electrolyte add-in, it can be used to make pure electrolyte water. Tablytes™, elete™’s latest product introduction, is a complete, balanced electrolyte replacement in tablet form. elete™’s location—nestled against the Rocky Mountains of Utah’s Wasatch Front—coupled with the large number of outdoor enthusiasts on staff served as the inspiration for the development of elete™. For more information, visit www.eletewater.com or call 800.669.1297.

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