Endomatrix Opens European Subsidiary; Endomatrix Europe SL to Import and Distribute the Company's Breakthrough Cardiovascular Health Supplement, Provasca, Throughout Europe

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Mar 9, 2004 -- Endomatrix Inc., developer of a patented Endothelial Maintenance Program (EMP) that targets endothelial dysfunction and inflammation as the root causes of cardiovascular disease, announced today the formation of a European subsidiary, Endomatrix Europe SL. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Endomatrix Europe SL will lead the company's efforts to market its dietary supplement, Provasca, in pharmacies throughout Europe.

"Years of research have gone into developing Provasca, and now we are building the business infrastructure that will allow us to share the benefits of that research with the world," said Glenn Foley, CEO of Endomatrix Inc. "Provasca's ability to maintain proper endothelial function has become increasingly important as scientists learn more about the role inflammation in cardiovascular disease, and we're extremely pleased that we can make Provasca available to individuals in Europe as well as the United States and Asia."

Endomatrix Europe SL has already received registration from the Spanish Ministry of Health as an official importer of food supplements, and hopes to expand that status to other European countries throughout the coming year. In addition, the Spanish Office of Food Security has approved Provasca for sale as a food supplement, allowing the company to begin selling the product in Spanish pharmacies immediately.

Beginning next month, Endomatrix Europe SL will employ a small sales force tasked with educating physicians about the benefits of an endothelial maintenance program that includes Provasca. The company will also work to educate pharmacists throughout the country, promoting the value of Provasca in maintaining endothelial health.

Rafael Andujar, a 26-year veteran of the European medical industry, will serve as vice president and managing director for Endomatrix Europe SL, leading the company's sales and marketing efforts. Prior to joining Endomatrix, Dr. Andujar was vice president and managing director of international functions for Precision Vascular Engineering, managed international activities for Medtronic/AVE, and spent over 20 years with C.R. Bard Inc., where he was responsible for establishing a number of international subsidiaries.

About Endomatrix

Endomatrix Inc., has developed a breakthrough platform for the treatment and prevention of endothelial-based disease states, focusing on the root cause of disease rather than the symptoms. Founded in 2000, Endomatrix is focused on delivering its platform to a global audience through both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Endomatrix is based in Santa Rosa, Calif., and has subsidiaries in Barcelona, Spain, and Singapore.

About Provasca

An oral supplement designed to maintain the integrity of the vascular endothelium; Provasca introduces a patented blend of natural compounds into the arterial walls to reduce the potentially negative effects of aging, smoking and hypertension. If left unchecked, these risk factors can lead to adhesion of cholesterol and resulting inflammation of the artery walls, both of which are known causes of cardiovascular disease.

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