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Engredea twitter roundup: IFT 2012

Engredea twitter roundup: IFT 2012
Natural label claims, probiotics and sodium reduction were among the topics that tickled tweeters’ fingertips from the recent Insitute of Food Technologists 2012 show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here's a roundup of some tweets from the Engredea team and others from the show.

Here’s a sampling of tweets from the Engredea team and others from the recent Institute of Food Technologists show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Natural label claims, probiotics and sodium reduction were among the topics that tickled tweeters’ fingertips.

@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 says it's too early to call them kings of the omega-3 world. With Martek and ONC acquisitions, hard to conclude different

@FrankeHyland: Lest you think that higher BMI is a 'result' of liking sweeter foods, it actually appears that BMI is a DRIVER of flavour preference. #IFT12

@BestyRamierzRD: Gr8 read! MT @NewHope360: @toddrunestad: #ift12 Mintel confirms natural clean label pure the trend.Told ya so

@ToddRunestad: #Probiotics are taking over the food and bev world. @GanedenBC30 is leading the way. #IFT12 booth 1037

@ToddRunestad: To sum up #IFT12 - processed foods are so 20th century. How food geeks are turning the ship of state to a new shores.

@hankschultz360: Erythritol's great: sweet, no-cal, good granular structure, bulking agent. At #IFT12 I learned it's an antioxidant, too

‏@dsmnutrition: #100yearsofvitamins yet hunger and malnutrition persist globally #IFT12 @FutureFortified @ThousandDays @SightandLife

@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 whole food ingredient innovation at Solazyme/Roquette booth 1961. Algea biomass replaces unhealthiness.

@Ingredion: 62% of consumers say they are budgeting their money more now than they did last year due to higher food costs. Mintel, 2011 @IFT #IFT12...

@Engredea: #Glanbia wins #ift12 innovation Award for new milk protein via @NewHope360 @Engredea

@CLEVERBAC0N: Hanging with foreigners makes me speak broken English #International #IFT12

@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 Viva Espana! 4-2

@joyofnutrition: There are 850 new breweries in planning stages every year. 1 in 3 fail every year. #IFT12

@FrankeHyland: I think there is an even bigger presence of Chinese food ingredient companies at #IFT12 this year.

‏@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 to see the awesome future of beverages see Fortitech booth 1911. @PatrickMorris3

@ToddRunestad: #ift12 PL Thomas booth 1335 has a new natural clean label anti microbial. Lose your sodium benzoate!

@ToddRunestad: #ift12 @n_web PowderPure booth 2987 removes water from fruit n veggies makes powder. Reduce spoilage, distribution costs. 85% is H2O shippd

@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 Azantis has a krill extension with bonus astaxanthin the next-gen phospholipid super nutrient.

@FrankeHyland: Foods high in polyphenols, such as walnuts are thought to promote endothelial elasticity, reducing the risk of cardiac events. #IFT12

@janetcabot: National Restaurant Assoc speaker says sodium reduced menu items are growing trend,consumers asking for them @edelmanfood #ift12

@joyofnutrition: 1/2 of shoppers say they compare brands with regards to the amount of #sodium being provided #IFT12

@joyofnutrition: Consumer education is critical regarding sodium reduction. Complex technical issue within product development. #IFT12

‏@CarrieDennett: Consuming blueberries and blackberries together may enhance their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits #IFT12

‏@CarrieDennett: Overheard this morning from someone who works in food safety: "Fresh produce is scary." I think I'll continue to take my chances. #IFT12

@janetcabot: Stat worth pondering: 80% of vegetables are consumed at dinner but only 28% of dinners include vegetables! #ift12 @edelmanfood

@NewHope360: Early childhood obesity prevention steps overheard at #IFT12 by @simmonora

@simmonora: It's all about yellow pea protein people! At #IFT12 @nutritionbizjrl @NewHope360 @IFT

@ToddRunestad: #IFT12 Khan says no space for organic gardens in Mumbai, Shangai, Sao Paolo. Food industry is for world, not 20% who can afford it.

‏@ToddRunestad: Khan asks are we a food industry or a starch, sugar and fat industry? #IFT12

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