Enzymes, Inc. Dialogues With Las Vegas Parker Seminar Attendees

Nutritional Enzyme Supplement Company Enzymes, Inc. extends gratitude towards attendees of nation’s largest chiropractic seminar

Over 5000 doctors of chiropractic, and other forward thinking health professionals, converged on the Las Vegas Hilton January 12th through the 14th for Parker Seminars’ 2006 annual convention.

“The event was a great success for us,” said Enzymes, Inc. representative Michele Jordan. “We’re a relatively small company, compared to our competitors at the event. We had several doctors seek us out because they’ve heard of our enzymes’ superiority.”

Enzymes, Inc. has been formulating, marketing, and distributing enzyme-based nutritional supplements since 1985, when the company was founded to distribute the NESS line of enzyme supplements.

Enzymes, Inc. remains the supplier of the NESS product line to the health care community, and more recently has developed the BioSET product line with Dr. Ellen Cutler (author of The Food Allergy Cure and MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes). In addition, Enzymes, Inc. has developed the Advanced Formula line of products – the highest potency enzyme supplements on the market today.

“We provided samples from all three lines of our supplements at the Parker convention, explained Jordan, “we had doctors returning to our booth the morning after taking our enzymes with dinner, praising our products.”

Simply taking a digestive enzyme supplement before meals alleviates many gastrointestinal disorders, like reflux and heartburn, in addition to reducing the feeling of fullness and fatigue while helping the body to obtain optimal nutrition. Products from the NESS, BioSET, and Advanced Formula line are vegetarian supplements, and available through health care practitioners only.

“We’ve heard some of our competitors are now selling their products in retail outlets,” said Jordan, “doctors can rest assured this will never happen with the professional product lines from Enzymes, Inc.”

Enzymes, Inc. will be exhibiting at several events in 2006, including the NWHSU Homecoming, in Bloomington, MN February 2-4, and the CAM Expo East, in New York, NY March 3-5. For more information visit www.enzymesinc.com, www.enzymeexperts.com, and call 800.637.7893 or e-mail [email protected].


Andrew Turner

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