Enzymotec krill products pass ConsumerLab.com test

Enzymotec krill products pass ConsumerLab.com test

Enzymotec is the only krill supplier to pass this third-party certification process for the second time in a row.

"Both of our raw materials were tested for amounts of EPA, DHA, total omega-3s, lead, mercury, dioxin-like PCB's and freshness via ConsumerLab.com's stringent program. And we can proudly say that Enzymotec is the only krill supplier to pass this third-party certification process for the second time in a row," says Elzaphan Hotam, CEO of Enzymotec USA.

"Enzymotec has an exclusive processing technique called MSO T, which ensures superior freshness and potency to the end consumers. That process methodology runs through all of our grades, including the pure and the high-potency krill oils, ensuring their ‘best in class’ status. We thus can again guarantee that our material it truly meet the specifications and qualifications it is supposed to meet," concludes Mrs. Shabat.

The 2012 ConsumerLab.com review of marine-based omega-3 products included raw material samples sent to ConsumerLab.com for third-party validation coupled with ConsumerLab.com's independent investigation of retail items by various brands, such as Mercola.com Health Resources.

"We are very pleased to announce that both of our raw materials and Enzymotec's-supported Krill-Oil brand have shown to be consistently in spec. This again proves that our superior MSOTM technology provides high-quality krill oil, which can be assured through qualified third parties," says Efrat Shabat, director of the omega-3 category at Enzymotec.

ConsumerLab.com is a provider of independent test results and information that helps consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness and nutrition products. It publishes results of its tests on its popular website, consumerlab.com. Since its founding in 1999, ConsumerLab.com has tested more than 3,200 products, representing over 350 different brands and nearly every type of popular supplement.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, which operates in the pharmaceuticals, infant nutrition and nutraceutical segments. In the dietary supplement sector, Enzymotec is a supplier of high-end active ingredients to major retailers across the world. The company's main mission is to provide branded companies with a better value proposition in three main health areas: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers. Enzymotec strategically researches and identifies concepts which have already gained market and scientific acceptance, such as: omega-3, PS or plant-sterols and enhance their efficacy by mode of extraction, conjugation or modification. In order to increase value proposition of these concepts Enzymotec invests significant resources in supplying powerful marketing tools, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.

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