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Ephedra/Caffeine and Chitosan Based Product Shown Eeffective for Weight Loss

BANGOR, MAINE, JUNE 21, 2002 -- In congruence with the recently published study by Harvard and Columbia Universities, the findings of a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial by Marshall-Blum Herbal Research Clinic studying the nutritional supplement, Fat Cutter㤠show the ephedra/caffeine and chitosan based weight loss product to be effective with minimal side effects. This product features the dual-action of a metabolic blend and chitosan. The goal of this trial was to test the efficiency and short-term safety of a product that combines the metabolic boosters with a material known to prevent the absorption of dietary fat.

One hundred subjects were randomly assigned to either the placebo or the active product group. The study design included a regime of moderate exercise, a low refined carbohydrate diet, and a dietary supplement. Blood pressure check and weight were checked bi-weekly throughout the six-week trial. Thirty-six subjects on product and thirty-two subjects on placebo completed the trial. Weight loss on average was 1.63 pounds in the placebo group and 7.08 pounds in the product group at the end of six weeks. Subjects on product lost almost 2 percent body fat during the trial compared to a zero effect in the placebo arm. Side effects were reported in only a handful of subjects and were minimal (stomach upset, jitteriness, and insomnia) with no reported significant adverse events.

Clearly, the combination of metabolic boosters with chitosan material is effective as a weight loss blend compared to a comparable placebo group. Continued scientific studies documenting the safety and efficacy of these products will support the dietary supplement industry in aiding people in weight loss and give ammunition in fighting the spiraling insurance costs that are responding to FDA adverse event reports rather than a studied, scientific view.

Clinical Trial Inquiries:
Dr. Jim Blum , CEO
(207) 941-1693
E-Mail: [email protected]

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