EuroPharma Signs Exclusive Agreement With New Chapter to Distribute Vectomega® Into Health Food/Natural Product Retail Channel

Green Bay, WI (September 8, 2006) – EuroPharma and New Chapter have signed an agreement appointing New Chapter as the exclusive distributor of Vectomega® for the health food/natural product retail channel. Vectomega® is a natural marine complex made up of five different phospholipids, DHA, and EPA, along with proteins and amino acids as they occur in nature. Molecularly different from other omega-3’s on the market, Vectomega® is 50 times more absorbable across cellular membranes than other DHA/EPA products.

Vectomega’s whole-food bioavailability was consistent with New Chapter’s guiding principles. “We have never made products with chemical isolates or harsh solvents, and we won’t,” states Paul Schulick, Co-CEO and founder of New Chapter. “Vectomega is the only omega 3 that delivers DHA and EPA in their natural phospholipid form without heat, solvents, and chemical modifications. The superior nature of this product inspired us to bring this to the natural products marketplace, and we are especially delighted that Terry Lemerond, one of the giants of our industry, brought this important innovation to New Chapter.

Terry Lemerond and the principal scientists will provide public support and their personal endorsement of the product, including public appearances at trade shows and industry events, and possible appearances on radio and television.

Other agreement details are not disclosed.

“We are thrilled to be working with New Chapter to change the Omega 3 market,” stated Terry Lemerond, president of EuroPharma. “Vectomega® surpasses other DHA/EPA products in terms of bioavailability, absorption and efficacy. New Chapter’s product launch with Vectomega will be the beginning of great changes in the Omega 3 category!”

Omega 3 oils containing DHA/EPA have become increasingly popular in response to the growing body of science that validates their numerous health benefits, yet few products have risen above the pack. Vectomega®’s superior bioavailability, rapidly noticed results, and the novel dosage form are about to change that.

Research has confirmed that 50 times more Vectomega® DHA and EPA crosses the cell membrane as compared to standard commercial fish oil products. This superior absorption is the result of a unique patented processing method that preserves the natural phospholipid composition of the omega-3 compounds in Vectomega®.

EuroPharma, Inc. a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based supplier offers Vectomega® and other truly unique and industry changing ingredients. EuroPharma’s president, Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of industry experience and product development expertise. Lemerond’s background, knowledge, and associations with respected doctors and scientists worldwide allow him continuous access to proven formulas and ingredients that have yet to be introduced to the world or to the U.S. market. For more information, please contact Lisa Joski at [email protected], 920-406-6500 or visit

New Chapter, Inc., a Brattleboro, Vermont manufacturer, is the world's leading provider of whole-food probiotic vitamins, minerals, and food supplements. Founded in 1982 by Paul Schulick, New Chapter is widely recognized for its innovative formulations, such as Zyflamend®, Perfect Prenatal®, Berry Green® and Host Defense®, and recently became the first and only "certified organic" supplement company to offer vitamins and minerals made with organic ingredients. More information about New Chapter can be found at

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Contact: Lisa Joski 920-406-6506
[email protected]

Sara Newmark 773-965-0500
[email protected]

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