Event Review: American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual: Yes Date: August 14-17, 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Comparison to previous year: (same, more, less) unconfirmed numbers Number of : Exhibitors 103 Attendance for: Seminars 26, seminars well attended and well presented

Tradeshow floor traffic slow


Quality of interactions on show floor good, fewer people than anticipated. Some exhibitors made contacts with people they wanted to see, others did not.

Attendee feedback:
Saw companies and products, as well as competitive offerings and new products.

Hot and new products/services: (Partial List)

Pharmax--new company with offices in state of Washington, selling very high quality probiotics and other supplements made in England.

Lane Labs--Viracle--product intended to support Healthy Lip/Skin Tissue

Pharmax--Four Pillars of Nutritional Supplementation

  1. Vitamins & Minerals
  2. Fatty Acids
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Probiotics

Show Layout:
Well organized, excellent.

Show Organization and Management:
Very Good.

Improvements suggested and overall comments:
Get more attendees into exhibit hall.

Attendee Critical Issues:
Seminars were excellent but several key seminars were at same time.

Number of Sessions: 26

Overall Quality was excellent. Topics were extremely relevant for the naturopathic physicians. Several continuing education classes with credit for ND's who attended the seminars.

Key Issues:
Where are the practices going for ND's? How can they integrate to bring in new clients?

Speaker Feedback:
Speakers pleased with level and interest of attendees.

Attendee Feedback:
Sessions were of high quality and great for continuing education.

Critical Discussion Points Raised:
What is the role of the ND's in the future as part of the alternative and mainstream medical systems and can they be integrated and accepted?

Major topic was the reason that the American Medical Association is going after ND's.

Event Summary and Specifics:
seminars listed in a book, as well as speaker materials. Tapes also available on key note and two other addresses. Keynote address was by Tieranona Low Dog, MD on "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Future of Herbal Medicine in the United States". This session was well attended and presented in a timely and concise manner.

Show Management Comments:
Very happy with the attendance but need to improve the way that attendees walk the exhibit area.


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