Exhibition Preview: Food Ingredients Europe

For three days, London will be the centre of the international food ingredients industry as FI Europe 2001 celebrates its 15th edition in one of Europe's top three food ingredients markets, the United Kingdom. Food Ingredients Europe is an international exhibition focused on food ingredients, semi-finished products, product development and services. The exhibition and conference is to be held at the new ExCel Exhibition Centre in London's Docklands. Organised by Expoconsult BV it showcases products from nearly 1,000 companies.

FI Europe 2001 will highlight the trends expected to materialise within the next two years with regard to the ingredients needed for new product development, product extension, additives, applications and services. According to Datamonitor the following drivers and processes are steering new product development in the European food industry:

  • Declining growth in existing markets, scientific progress and a changing legislative environment.
  • Suppliers and consumers are the main source of innovation for new products.
  • Marketing & sales and new product developments determine companies' competitive positioning.
  • Average new product development cycle will decrease by at least three months.
  • Health and convenience products form the top two trends.
  • Target audience consists of senior citizens and young adults.
  • 62 per cent of new products developed in the next five years will be either completely new or include added features not previously available.

Specialized sectors at the show range from food ingredients to semi-finished products, product development, quality control and services. The Exhibition is scheduled to host 12 country pavilions from Peru, Spain, USA, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Germany, Mexico, China, Canada, Mexico and Scotland.

The FI Food Summit will run concurrently with FI Europe and is targeted at senior executives responsible for food manufacturing, product & business development, marketing as well as ingredients supply.

The programme features several industry related sessions covering the following topics:

  • Encapsulation & Coating
  • Taste & Flavours
  • Replacement Ingredients
  • Processing Technologies/Impact of New Processing Technologies
  • Texture
  • Food Safety in the Future of Food
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Trust and Satisfaction

Monday, November 5, 2001

Modern sourdough technology: What can the baker achieve?
AACC Session Chairman: Prof. Hansen
Breakthroughs in sourdough and liquid sponge processing
Prof. Friedrich Meuser & Dr. Christian Faber
TU Berlin—Germany
Aroma Formation
Prof. Hansen
Combinations of wheat sourdough with enzymes and hydrocolloids to improve dough machinability, bread quality and stability
Prof. Concha Collar
Instituto de Agroquimica y Tecnologia de Alimentos, CSIC—Spain
Sourdough in high fibre baking
Ms. Kati Katina
VTT Biotechnology—Finland
Starch: Non-traditional Products And Uses
AACC Session
Chairman: Mr. Thomas E. Luallen
Cargill Inc—USA
The symposium will highlight issues related to resistant starch, genetically modified products, and hybrids. Presentations and discussions will address resistant starch and the current definition of fibre, use of the terms "non-GMO" and "GMO free" from a global perspective, and the positioning of traditional hybrids in relation to GM products.
Resistant starch and current definitions of fibre
Dr. David Lineback
University of Maryland—USA
Manufacture of resistant starch
Dr. Donald Thompson
Penn State—USA
Issues concerning genetic modification and starch products
Mr. Thomas Luallen
Cargill Inc—USA
Chairman: Mr. Michel Serpelloni
Roquette Fréres—France
Monitoring and prediction of texture: a new optical tool for in-line use
Dr. Nel Zoon
NIZO Food Research—The Netherlands
Lecithin in stirred-style yoghurt
Mr. Joseph N. Casey
Central Soya Co Inc—USA
Carrageenan enhances quality characteristics and extends shelf-stability of frozen bakery dough products
Mr. Swarn Singh Othee
FMC BioPolymer—USA
FirmFruit®: an innovative concept towards improved tomato products
Dr. Catherine Grassin
DSM Food Specialties—France
Cold water swelling starches as flexible and high functional texturisers for cold and hot processed foods
Mr. Graham Cooper
Lipophilic starches as functional alternative to egg yolk and milk proteins in emulsified sauces
Mr. Nils Sips
Organic Session
Chairman: Mr. Simon Wright
The Organic Consultancy—UK

PART I: An Introduction To Organics

All you ever wanted to know about organics... in 45 minutes!
Mr. Simon Wright
The Organic Consultancy—UK
An introduction to the Planet Organic range of organic foods
Ms. Renee Elliott
Planet Organic—UK

Tasting Break and Q&A

PART 2: Where Is Organics Going?

Global sales of organic food & drink
Mr. Amarjit Sahota
Organic Monitor—UK
Trends in organic certification
Ms. Helen Taylor
The Soil Association —UK
Adding value: developing organic ready meals
Ms. Sarah Cookman
Sainsbury's Supermarkets—UK

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Encapsulation & Coating
Chairman: Prof. Andrée Voilley
A new generation of encapsulates: High retention and long shelf life
Dr. Gerhard de Ruiter
NIZO Food Research—The Netherlands
Vitamin E nanoparticles in beverage applications
Dr. Chyi-Cheng Chen
Roche Vitamins AG—Switzerland
Improving quality of powder flavours, using insights from plastic film industry
Mr. Roel Orsel
Quest International—The Netherlands
Techniques for heat stable encapsulation
Dr. Michael Popplewell
IFF Corporate R&D Centre—USA
Encapsulated cinnamon protects yeast performance while delivering high-impact flavour
Mrs. Vernetta L. Dally
Balchem Encapsulates—USA
Effectiveness of anti-bloom fats for improvement of stability and shelf life of filled chocolate products
Mr. Persis Subramaniam
Leatherhead Food RA—UK
New Ingredients With Health Benefits
Chairman: Dr. Louis Thörig
Mucovax—The Netherlands
Orange fruit drink with added lutein
Mrs. Suzana A. Silva
Kemin Foods Europe—Portugal
Bovine hyper immune whey protein concentrate as a replacement ingredient
Dr. Louis Thörig
Mucovax—The Netherlands
Stabilised rice bran extracts as a nutraceutical food
Dr. Bob J. Dull
Ribus Inc—USA
The use of Gum Arabic in the treatment of renal failure patients in the Republic of Sudan
Mr. A. Magid A. Gadir & Ms. Wigdan A.M. Salim
The Khartoum Gum Arabic Processing Co Ltd—Sudan
A new generation of fibre. Advantages in yoghurt manufacture
Mrs. Cécile Dusautois & Mrs. Elsa Ostermann
Roquette Frères—France
Gelatine Replacers
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ernst Reimerdes
New starches to replace gelatine in dairy applications
Mrs. Willeke Thürkow
Avebe BA—The Netherlands
Gelatine free ready to eat chocolate mousse
Mr. Xavier Martin
FMC BioPolymer—Belgium
Yoghurt stabilisation without gelatine
Mrs. Hanne K. Ludvigsen
Palsgaard A/S—Denmark
Creating new textures in gummy candies using a new unique carrageenan
Mrs. Hilde Castermans
FMC BioPolymer—Belgium
Specific combinations of hydrocolloids to replace gelatine
Mr. Gerard Tilly
Degussa Texturant Systems—France
Food Safety And The Consumer
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Colette Shortt
Yakult UK Ltd—UK
Industrial food production as instrument of consumer protection
Mr. Joachim Dietrich
Revolutionary inactivation of spores by new 'Fresh & Safe' UHT technology
Dr. Nel. Zoon
NIZO Food Research—The Netherlands
Establishing safe levels for chemicals in food
Dr. Diane Benford
Food Standards Agency—UK
Product tampering—the final hurdle in the path from manufacturer to consumer
Mrs. Jacinta Murphy
Reading Scientific Services Limited—UK

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Taste & Flavour
Chairman: Dr. Helmut Koch
Eridania Béghin-Say—Belgium
New developments in flavour research for innovations in fermented food products
Dr. Alexandra Boelrijk
NIZO Food Research—The Netherlands
High impact aroma chemicals: the Viagra® of the flavours industry
Dr. David Rowe
Oxford Chemicals Ltd—UK
Innovations in pyrolysis flavour technology
Mr. Ronald J. Foster
Red Arrow International LLC—USA
Intense and bulk sweetener combinations to improve sweetness quality
Mrs. Stacey Arazi
Leatherhead Food RA—UK
Hydrocolloid/sweetener systems: a multiple ingredient approach to improving the mouthfeel of low calorie drinks
Mr. W. Mike Marrs
Leatherhead Food RA—UK
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