Fabuless™ Weight Management from DSM

Delft,The Netherlands,17-07-2005

The Functional Food Ingredient business unit of DSM Food Specialties has launched its latest food ingredient brand, Fabuless™. A weight management ingredient that helps control food intake without the sacrifice and discipline usually associated with dieting and weight control, Fabuless™ triggers the natural appetite control mechanism. By suppressing the hunger signals that would normally be sent hours after a meal, consumers feel more satisfied than they would have been and consequently eat less. At a time when consumer and government interest in health and obesity has never been higher, Fabuless™ represents a significant new product development opportunity for dairy and other food manufacturers.

Specially developed for use in dairy applications such as yoghurt, milk or slimming shakes, Fabuless™ is a patent-protected combination of palm and oat oils (both naturally occurring dietary lipids), that are formulated in a novel emulsion, and has been clinically proven to create and maintain a feeling of satiety. The slow digestion of the oat fraction enables Fabuless™ to penetrate deeply into the intestinal system. When digestion starts at this delayed stage, the human system identifies a relatively high level of undigested fat and consequently suppresses its hunger signals so consumers eat less at subsequent meals.

Rob Minnee, DSM Business Manager Weight Management comments “The launch of Fabuless™ opens up exciting possibilities for manufacturers to develop a number of different products for an identified range of target consumer groups. Unlike many other weight management solutions, Fabuless™ does not rely on considerable individual effort and discipline, but has been designed to help people control their food intake and maintain a healthy diet without sacrifice. Indeed, a number of published trials have already shown that people using Fabuless™ eat less – but still feel satisfied. Fabuless™ combines natural food ingredients and is not subject to lengthy regulatory approval procedures”.

DSM has conducted a wide range of consumer focus groups in the USA and Europe to assist the company and its customers’ to benefit from a close understanding of the real issues involved in weight management. A significant finding was the requirement to offer tasty and nutritious products that would naturally help reduce food intake – but have a long term benefit too.

Fabuless™ is produced exclusively for DSM’s dairy applications by Lipid Technologies Provider AB in Sweden.

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