FASMAC Co., Ltd Named as Exclusive Licensee of GeneScan in Japan

GeneScan, a recognized international market leader in the field of ´molecular biological testing of food and feed established its presence in Japan by naming FASMAC Co. Ltd., of Kanagawa, Japan, a subsidiary of Nippon Flour Mills and operator of the patent for the Japanese Standard Method for PCR detection, as its exclusive licensee in Japan. As such, FASMAC will have access to GeneScan’s extensive library of PCR detection technology. FASMAC will be authorized to utilize GeneScan’s analytical procedures in the detection of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), pathogens and species identification.

FASMAC is well known for its attention to quality and high standards as a production facility and as an analytical facility. It was this emphasis on quality that made FASMAC the ideal partner for GeneScan in Japan. “ The staff of FASMAC, headed by Dr. Satoshi Futo, are well respected within the industry for their technical skills and commitment to quality, as such, they will be an ideal partner for GeneScan” says Dr. Michael Russell of GeneScan. The commitment to quality is the hallmark of the GeneScan approach to business. The GeneScan laboratories in Germany and in the US are ISO-17025 accredited and all GeneScan related laboratories are organized along these same standards. GeneScan’s production facility for GMO detection PCR kits is ISO-9001 accredited and currently is the only such facility in the world with that designation. Likewise, FASMAC has received ISO 9001 accreditation. Both FASMAC and GeneScan successfully participate in numerous ring trials and proficiency-testing check sample programs and serve on key technical committees in the area of detection of GMOs.

“Establishing an analytical presence in Japan is another important step in realizing GeneScan’s commitment to provide high quality, regional service to its international client base” says GeneScan’s Russell. In November of 2002, GeneScan officially opened its Brazilian laboratory outside of Sao Paulo. Currently, the GeneScan Group operates laboratories in Europe (Germany), the USA (New Orleans), and Brazil (São Paulo). A laboratory in Australia (Melbourne), licensed to the New Zealand company AgriQuality, and a subsidiary in Hong Kong complement GeneScan’s international network. All of these facilities operate using the well established, internationally recognized and validated methods that have been being developed by the German mother company.

This agreement further strengthens the ties between GeneScan and FASMAC by establishing procedures for the joint research and development of new products and services. The expertise of these two leaders in the field of applied molecular biology will be combined with a goal of improving current analytical procedures and of adapting new, evolving technology in this field to commercial applications. The combined R&D capabilities of FASMAC and GeneScan are unmatched in the field of GMO detection and will allow the partners to strengthen their leadership position in this field.

Background information about FASMAC

FASMAC Co., Ltd, located in Kanagawa, Japan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd. FASMAC is the leading GMO testing laboratory in Japan as well as a producer of high purity oligonucleotides. All the oligonucleotides for the Japanese Standard Methods are provided from FASMAC in its role as operator of the patent for the Japanese Standard Method. Nippon Flour Mills, listed in the Tokyo stock exchange, is the second largest Japanese industrial flour miller and producer of flour-related products for industrial, food service, and domestic uses. In the United States, Nippon Flour Mills has an affiliated pasta plant in Montana, and a prepared mix plant in California. Consolidated sales for the company are approximately $1.5 billion.

Background information about GeneScan

GeneScan USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of GeneScan Analytics GmbH.
GeneScan Analytics GmbH is world market leader in the molecular biological analysis of genetically modified organisms (GMO analysis) in food, feed, and raw materials. Services, products and Identity Preservation Consulting are resulting in a unique one-stop-shop for GMO related quality assurance.
GeneScan Analytics GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of GeneScan Europe AG, (Neuer Markt, symbol GEP, Security No. 586 150)

FASMAC Co., Ltd.
Dr. Satoshi Futo
[email protected]
Tel: 81-46-295-8787 FAX: 81-46-294-3738

GeneScan Japan Marketing Director
Mr. Hiroyuki Haraguchi
[email protected]
Tel: 81-46-222-6972 FAX: 81-46-294-3738

GeneScan USA, Inc.
Dr. Michael Russell
[email protected]
Tel: 504-398-0940 FAX 504-398-0945 www.gmotesting.com

Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hirokazu Shimizu
[email protected]
tel: 81-3-3356-2422 www.nippn.co.jp

GeneScan Europe AG
Gabriele Schmid, Corporate Communications Manager
[email protected]
49 -761 5038 174 www.genescan.com

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