Fast, Convenient and Ready to Go - Arctic Cod Liver Oil Singles from Nordic Naturals

Watsonville, California (February 17, 2004) Nordic Naturals has just made traveling a whole lot easier by introducing Arctic Cod Liver Oil Singles in delicious natural orange flavor. The individual packets can be easily and safely carried in suitcase, purse or briefcase for use during travel, work and even at home. One box contains 30 individual, one teaspoon (5 ml) servings and retails for $22.95. Each packet offers a guaranteed 700 mg of DHA and 450 mg of EPA.

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil has been recognized by health practitioners, store buyers and consumers for its exceptional quality based on these unique advantages:
• True Pharmaceutical Grade – meets European Pharmacopoeia Standards
• Award Winning Taste – received Gold Medal from American Tasting Institute
• Molecular Distillation – through a gentle enzymatic process
• Highest in DHA – per serving of any Cod Liver Oil
• Ultra Pure – unsurpassed in purity, free from environmental pollutants including mercury
• Ultra Fresh – highest freshness value in the industry (A 03 02)
• Natural Vitamin A – 100% natural Vitamins A and D well within the recommended daily limits
• Ideal for Children – no spills, no spoon required!

Nordic Naturals is a leading manufacturer and provider of essential fatty acids in the dietary supplement and medical industries. The company offers a complete line of Omega-3s from fish in combination with Omega-6s from organic borage oil and evening primrose oil as well as environmental pollutant defense products. Involved in research and education, Nordic Naturals is the chosen brand for various clinical trials at accredited universities and research institutions.


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