Fenchem brings High quality stevia to US market

Fenchem announces that the company is bringing its stevia extract into the US market. Since Fenchem formally entered into the stevia market late last year, the company has focused on quality control in order to be in the best competitive position. Marketed under the brand NeuVia, our high purity rebaudioside A is in compliance with quality standards, as developed by USP for inclusion in the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) in August 2009.

Fenchem now will focus on High purity reb A products with content ranging from 95 to 99%. NeuVia™ Reb A is extracted from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni with innovative technology. The product is heat-stable, pH-stable, and does not ferment, making it an ideal sweetener for many kinds of food and beverage. Ordinary steviol glycosides are also available from us, and have broad applications in various categories of foods as well as animal feed. And our NeuViaTM steviol glycosides of 95% content exceeds the JECFA specification, which is approved by FAO/WHO in 2004.

We can guarantee competitive price and fast delivery in the North American market.

The cokpany is also going to market the ingredients in other parts of the world, especially Europe. We are waiting for the ingredient to be approved in the EU which is expected within two years. With the impending opening of our new European office in the Czech Republic in early 2010, we are confident that our high grade stevia extracts will have successful development in the EU market.

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