Fenchem cosmetic ingredient sales up 250%

Fenchem cosmetic ingredient sales up 250%

Steep rise in Q3 sales stemmed from silicones and alkyl polyglycosides popular in the South Africa, Europe and U.S. markets.

Fenchem cosmetic division reported a 250 percent increase to USD2.5 million in Q3 revenue compared with the same period in 2011.

The big rise in the grooming sales for Q3 was largely attributed to the Silicones and APG (Alkyl polyglycosides). These two series products are very popular in South Africa, Europe and USA markets. APG are low irritating to skin and readily biodegradable. They are widely applied in personal care products such as shampoo, body wash, lotion and cream. Silicones, a wide variety of compounds, create many positive qualities associated with personal care and cosmetic products. These versatile materials help make lotion, cream and color cosmetics with luxuriant texture, silky smoothness and luster applications.

"Despite the challenging market environment, we achieved very good sales growth in our relevant market. We were pleased with our performance in this quarter." said Robert Yang, manager of cosmetic division. “Encouragingly, the sales target this year was completed in advance.”

Looking ahead to the fiscal year 2013, the special silicones and mild surfactants such as amino acid-based surfactant are expected to be attributable to strong sales growth. Africa,

Central and Eastern Europe will be our next focused markets.

Fenchem, a science-based company, is specialized in developing and manufacturing a wide range of active ingredients for cosmetics and personal care industries. With professional R&D team, our active cosmetic ingredients are designed to impart multifunctional benefits such as moisturizing, anti-aging and whitening and we intend for increasing the “health & beauty” expectancy.

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