Fenchem Seminar at Vitafoods

In the coming Vitafoods event, Fenchem will present a seminar titled “Bring freshness to food” to demonstrate natural antioxidant concept and products directly to attentive targeted audience. Fenchem has been concentrating on research and development on finding natural antioxidants for food freshness. The research was focusing on optimizing existing products, investigating formulation with synergy function and tailor-made application guidelines.

And now, Fenchem will present some research fruits for customers via vitafoods seminar. For optimization of existing product, TOCOVET® vitamin E powder with high stability and excellent water solubility and EssenRose™ rosemary extract with gentle odour and colour will be exhibited at the seminar. Moreover, Fenchem is devoting much into research on synergized formulation and tailor-made application guidelines. We are pleased to make tailor-made product according to customer’s demand on antioxidant product such as water solubility, the value of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) ect. The seminar will be presented in the Seminar Theatre at 13.25-13.55 on Thursday 8th May 2008. Our booth No. is #661. Welcome customers to our seminar and booth for further information

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