FERCO Développement Purchases SEFCAL Production Plant

FERCO Développement SA has just finalized the purchase of the SEFCAL (Chr HANSEN subsidiary) production plant in St Julien de Peyrolas (France- Gard).

Marc Feries, FERCO Développement's Managing Director, previously the Research and Development Manager in SEFCAL for 15 years, purchased the SEFCAL plant to expand the FERCO Développement production base.

FERCO Développement, specialist in grape polyphenols, has been the leader for 5 years in the oenological grape tannin market with Grap'tan® and are active in the nutraceutical market with the Grap'Active® range of functional food ingredients.

Resident in the ex-SEFCAL plant for 10 months, FERCO Développement has adapted the building and equipment to transfer its tannins, polyphenols and natural colour production into the newly refurbished plant.

The ex-SEFCAL plant had been modernized and rationalized by the Hansen group in the 5 last years in order to double in production capacity. FERCO Développement has prepared an investment plan to make the production facilities perfectly suited to the production activities of FERCO Développement

Thanks to this acquisition, FERCO Développement has increased fivefold its’ production capacity and can increase its’ colorant range production. Marc Feries has worked for 25 years in grape extracts, which enables FERCO Développement to offer to the market two quality controlled products: liquid (2 and 3 UC) anthocyanic colour and the microgranulated powder (12UC).

Thus, through the acquisition, FERCO Développement has not only secured its production base but has extended its products range in order to remain the market leader in the area of grape extracts.

FERCO Développement, Quartier Viressac, 07220 Saint Montan, France
T.: +33 (0)4 75 52 57 27 , F.: +33 (0)4 75 52 58 39, www.ferco-dev.com

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