Finding The Ultimate Sports Drink

The quest for the ultimate sports drink took a major step forward yesterday, following the first meeting of the recently formed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) on sports nutrition and performance. Members of the SAB, representing many of the world’s leading authorities on sports nutrition, reviewed the latest science and clinical trials to offer manufacturers of sports drinks and hydration products expert advice on the composition of the sports drink of the future.

The group concluded that the addition of protein to a carbohydrate containing beverage provides benefits superior to traditional carbohydrate based beverages. Adding protein to carbohydrate enhances the efficiency of carbohydrate utilisation. It also improves muscle tissue repair and reduces muscle fibre damage.

“The development of novel ingredients for sports beverages – and their contribution to the athlete’s health and performance in the past few years – has been astonishing” comments Dr Jose Antonio, SAB Chairman. “We can now plot a path towards the ultimate sports drink. Simple carbohydrate-based sports beverages are no longer the athlete’s best option. Following our review, the SAB recommends that manufacturers focus on the addition of specific ingredients such as high performance peptides, (easily digestible protein sources), antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients.”

“Although the fitness enthusiast and the elite athlete may need the same macro and micro nutrients, the formulation of each varies depending on their particular goal.” added Dr John Ivy. “We also expect that, with further research, we can find performance enhancing characteristics for other ingredients when used in sports beverages.”

Meeting in Turin during the 2006 Winter Olympics, the SAB studied existing sports beverages, ingredients and the latest scientific data on health maintenance and performance enhancement before developing an action plan for the development of the ultimate sports drink. The results of the SAB’s deliberations and recommended action plan, covering research, development and trials of a range of new and existing ingredients, will be made available to selected parties.

“We are delighted that the SAB believes there is promise in the addition of high performance peptides, such as PeptoPro” added John Dijkstra, Business Director, Functional Drinks. “ We will be studying the SAB’s recommendations carefully and work closely with its members to help in any way we can. Our objective is to develop the ultimate sports drink with a partner company to be used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We would like to take this opportunity to invite sports drink manufacturers looking to create effective sports drinks solutions to discuss opportunities for collaboration with us and to contact DSM for further information”.

Sponsored by DSM, the SAB provides invaluable, third-party scientific information on new developments in the sports nutrition field and includes many leading experts in sports nutrition and exercise science.


For further information on PeptoPro please contact: DSM Food Specialties in the Netherlands. Tel: +31 15 279 2685 Fax: +31 15 279 3540 E-mail: [email protected] Or visit

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