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First International Sea Health Nutrition Symposium to be Held in Basse-Normandy

First International Sea Health Nutrition Symposium 23rd to 25th May 2002 Granville – France

In Basse-Normandie, the 1st International Sea Health Nutrition Symposium will explain the functional and health value of marine products for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It will be both a Business Convention and a Scientific, Medical and Technological Congress. It will therefore be a unique occasion, for the main actors in this fast-expanding sector, to meet and delete about their know-how and expertise.

The 1st Symposium will highlight the marine raw materials and their benefits in health protection, disease prevention and treatments as well as ageing in good health. These are important assets for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical Industries and thalassotherapy.

A Business Convention
The Business Convention will include one-on-one meetings and plenary conferences.

Thanks to one-on-one meetings, the producers of raw materials and marine based products as well as manufacturers of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, will be able to work on the development of innovative products. The main objective of the 1st Symposium is to emphasize the value of marine based products through the know-how and innovative products of the industries of those sectors.

Information on the market for marine based products and their use in food, pharmacy and cosmetic products will be given to manufacturers in plenary conferences. They will then have a more global view of the market, products and opportunities. The conferences will also give a panorama of the present and future European regulations concerning the health claims for food, diet products and food complements.

A Scientific, Medical and Technological Congress
The program of the plenary conferences includes major themes such as “Marine products and Cancer Prevention and treatment” by Pr Henri Joyeux, or “Marine products and child Growth” by Dr Dominique Bouglé, or “Benefits of Marine Products in Diabetes and Overweight” by Pr Jacques Delerue.

In workshops, scientists and clinicians will have the opportunity to present the results of their works or patents. Manufacturers can explain their innovative technological products. These meetings should certainly open the way to partnerships, financing or development of many projects and/or use of patents.

Finally, technical information will also be given to make it easier to develop, manufacture and use these new ingredients.

These two-days event will enable scientists and clinicians to present their work and to make contact with manufacturers and/or other groups of researchers.

Sea Health 2002 Awards
A jury of experts will award prizes to the best scientific presentation and to the best technological innovation. The scientific award will be given by the Laboratoires Christian Dior and the technologic award by the OFIMER.

A fast-expanding market
The sea represents an important source of raw materials for the food cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries (phospholipids, extracts of marine animals cartilage, shellfish shell powder, omega 3…).

Many scientific studies have shown their health benefits for the human being. Nowadays, the research is looking for new possibilities to use these new ingredients. The issues are important: health protection, disease prevention and treatments, ageing in good health, etc.

The 1st Symposium will allow the researchers to present their most advanced work. It will also give some keys to manufacturers to progress into this fast-expanding market by highlighting the use of marine based products.

The sea, wealth of a region/ area
In Northern France, the Basse- Normandie is the 3rd most important area of fishing and the 1st for shells and shellfishes.

In fact, there are already many innovative companies, many fishing and conversion facilities standing in Basse- Normandie. That is why the region would claim a strong position in the specific sector of “enhanced-value of marine based products”.

Supported by: the Local Council of Basse-Normandie, the CEBANOR, the General Council of the Manche, Manche Expansion, the Center and Southern Manche chamber of commerce, the town of Granville, the Laboratoires Christian Dior and the OFIMER.

Symposium Secretary (registrations):
Institut de Phytonutrition (France)
+ 33 1 31 144 931 - E-mail:

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