FitPro launches real milk protein shake line

FitPro launches real milk protein shake line

The milk’s lactose sugars are removed through ultrafiltration, so FitPro adds back all-natural cane juice, stevia and monk fruit extract for sweetness.

There is a new entrant into the growing natural protein shake category—one that is based on minimally processed real milk, with more high-quality protein than most of its top conventional counterparts. FitPro Real Milk Protein was designed for serious athletes and recreational users who want to build strong, lean bodies and stay satisfied in between meals. It’s groundbreaking all-natural, lactose-free, milk-based formula is unlike any other on the market today—and its background story is just as special.

Nature’s original protein drink—made stronger
The FitPro concept is a simple one. Starting with real, hormone-free, Grade A cow’s milk from American farms, liquid whey and casein proteins are concentrated through a gentle ultrafiltration process. The milk’s lactose sugars are removed in the process, so FitPro adds back all-natural cane juice, stevia and monk fruit extract for sweetness. Natural vanilla or cocoa is added for flavor, combined with a proprietary vitamin and mineral blend. The entire process takes less than seven days from cow to package.

Many products in the protein shake category utilize a chemical acid wash process to separate the proteins from the milk, resulting in evaporated powders that are later reconstituted. FitPro’s process keeps the proteins in their natural liquid state, providing for better absorption and greater bio-availability. FitPro is the first known RTD protein shake on the market to earn the REAL® Dairy seal.

FitPro boasts an impressive 3:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio, and averages about 65 percent fewer carbs than other milk-based RTD protein shakes on the market. Its high-quality protein content is right up there with the top conventional products. Created for serious athletes, bodybuilders, and recreational users alike, FitPro comes in two convenient sizes—17 oz. Plus (40g protein) and 11 oz. Daily (26g protein). Both lines come in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavors. Because it is packaged in an aseptic environment, FitPro is shelf-stable for 12 months.

Background: A true ‘farm-to-bottle’ story
FitPro founder and CEO Brad Kloss has been caring for dairy cows for nearly his entire life. Raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, he developed a deep understanding and affection for the cows that he spent so much time tending to. He went on to obtain a degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota, embarking on a career as a dairy animal nutritionist and consultant that has spanned more than 25 years.

Though dairy animal nutrition is Brad’s first love, his experience as a collegiate wrestler and competitive powerlifter fostered a second passion—one for human health and wellness. Because fitness and nutrition had become such a big part of his life, Brad took the entrepreneurial plunge and opened a gym in 2000. It was not long before one gym expanded to a group of seventeen health clubs. Over time, however, Brad came to realize the vast disconnect between the dairy and fitness industries.

Brad spent years researching a way to make a shelf-stable, minimally processed, milk-based protein shake that could outperform the industry’s conventional leaders. Brad’s idea finally came to fruition—and so FitPro was born.

Broad East Coast Distribution Coming Soon, National Rollout to Follow

FitPro has partnered with MetaBrand, Gotham Brand Managers and Focus Sales Associates to establish a multi-channel sales and distribution network in New York and the major Eastern metropolitan markets beginning in October. National Sales Associates, the third largest natural foods broker group in the U.S., will then complete a national rollout by early 2013.

Wholesaler and retailer inquiries can be directed to the sales office at (800) 645-5776. For more information on FitPro, including current store locations, please visit

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