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Fluxome Launches Beta Glucan Immune Health Product

Fluxome® Beta Glucan is a formulated product consisting of a highly efficacious form of natural beta glucan produced by fermentation, which has promising potential for the growing immune health market. The pristine structure of Fluxome’s beta glucans allows for a highly docum enhancing effect, which is superior to that of comparable products made by a traditional extraction process.

Years of extensive research and clinical investigations has resulted in the launch of a product with a scientifically well documented immune enhancing effect. The product represents a breakthrough in knowledge and production of beta glucans, and holds the potential to improve the health situation of many and unlock new potential in the booming immune health market.

What is Fluxome® Beta Glucan?

Beta glucans are polysaccharides that occur in many plants yeast. Fluxome® Beta Glucan is a precisely blended product consisting of natural beta glucans produced by fermentation. The active component in Fluxome that the beta glucans are characterized by unique fermentation process enables the delivery of active beta glucans, in w been protected from damage usually caused by chemical process steps such as solvent extraction. The intact structure of Fluxome’s beta glucans allows for a very high immune enhancing effect, which has been demonstrated to be superior to that of products made by traditional extraction processes. Fluxome® Beta Glucan represents a new class of immune enhancing products which stands out because it delivers the full potential of what unprocessed beta glucans have been known

Why Fluxome® Beta Glucan?

Fluxome® Beta Glucan represents a new level of commercial efficacy that has been subjected to a range of documented clinical studies with different endpoints. At very low levels of use, Fluxome proven that it performs as expected. Fluxome® Beta Glucan is supported by clinical human studies that demonstrate how Fluxome elicits an immune stimulating effect, when consumed in accordance with the recommended dosage. All studies conducted with Fluxome® Beta Glucan indicate that the oral intake of a recommended dosage of 1 g of the formulated product per day provides an immune enhancing effect. A daily dosage contains 1 mg of pure bioactive material.

Fluxome® Beta Glucan’s unique fermentation process enables not only a higher efficacy rate, but also completely consistent high quality product, which is produced in a closed environment without the risk of contamination from heavy metals, pesticides and other undesired elements. For more information please contact President & CEO Fluxome Inc. Dr. Herb Woolf ( or Marketing Manager Mads Bjørnhof (

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