Food Network's 'Food Finds' Features Trinity Springs Ltd.

Source: Business Wire

PARADISE, Idaho - Program Provides Excellent Educational Opportunity About Why Trinity Springs Is First To Receive QAI's Prestigious "Certified Source" Seal Show Airs -- Thursday, April 25 @ 9:00 pm and 12 midnight EST and May 13 @ 1:00 pm EST.

TRINITY Natural Mineral Dietary Supplement is fast becoming the product of choice for consumers interested in healthy diets that are free from environmental contaminants.

TRINITY comes from the deepest known source on the planet - a protected geological formation 2.2 miles deep within the earth below Idaho's pristine wilderness.

TRINITY is naturally pure and sold in its live, whole state. Food writers, health reporters, bon vivants, and anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle are encouraged to view the Food Network's "Food Finds" program, which airs this Thursday, April 25 @ 9:00 pm EST, and again at 12 midnight EST. It then airs again on May 13 @ 1:00pm EST.

Food Find's gives a rare, in-depth look at a source. Viewers are taken to the Trinity Springs in Paradise, ID to see the inside of the beautiful TRINITY source house, where TRINITY comes to the surface. Modern carbon dating techniques have revealed that TRINITY has been protected inside the earth for more than 16,000 years - from a time well before human-made chemicals and contaminants existed - by the massive granite formation known as the Idaho Batholith (Greek for "deep rock"). Testing proves that TRINITY is completely free of any contaminants, so there is no need for any "kill steps" such as chlorination, pasteurization, or ozonation to disinfect TRINITY.

One of the world's leading organic certifiers, Quality Assurance International (QAI), has just awarded Trinity Springs Ltd. the first "Certified Source" seal of approval, which speaks to growing consumer awareness that source and natural purity matter when choosing natural products. The QAI certification assures consumers that products bearing the "Certified Source" seal are naturally pure to begin with, collected and packaged directly from their source, and are subject to minimal processing: they are not disinfected (because they don't need to be!). The "Certified Source" seal has the potential to revolutionize the beverage industry much the way the "organic" seal of approval is fundamentally changing the food industry.

Distribution of TRINITY is increasing due to popular demand, which has made it the third best-selling brand in the US and its 1.5-liter bottle is now the best-selling package in its category in natural foods stores nationwide. TRINITY is available in Whole Foods Markets and the Wild Oats family of markets. It is also available in the natural foods sections of Kroger supermarkets, Fry's stores, select Safeway stores, and it will soon be available on the shelves in Ralphs.

Additional information about Trinity Springs is available online at

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