Foreign Chemicals, in Toxic Amounts, Found in Every Human Tissue Sample Monitored By the EPA in Last Two Decades.

The Cleanse(tm), a revolutionary national patient marketing, education and detoxification campaign aims to empower vibrant health in a toxic world.

SAN DIEGO, CA, - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a total of 24 Billion pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment in 1997. Chemicals ubiquitous in our food, air, and water, are now found in toxic levels in every person according to the EPA (EPA. National Human Adipose Tissue Survey Specimens. 1982: EPA-560/5-86-035). The bio-accumulation of these compounds in some individuals can lead to a variety of metabolic and systemic dysfunctions, and in some cases outright disease states. Biological Toxicity can lead to immune dysregulation, fatigue, pain, mood changes, and neurological illnesses, changes in libido, reproductive dysfunction, and blood sugar dysregulation.

The Cleanse(tm) Patient Acquisition System is a patient eduction system and a metabolic cellular cleansing program and is the brainchild of Mr. Jim Lutes, Dr. Brad Cords, Dr. Nicholas Calvino and Dr. William Kellas. Up to 80% of the population are concerned about Biological Toxicity, and are interested in using nutrition and herbs to cleanse the body of toxins, says Dr. Nicholas Calvino, whose firm studies and tracks Alternative Medicine Trends. We created The Cleanse(tm) program to empower people to maintain and regain their vitality and wellness while at the same time positioning the healthcare professional as the expert, says Dr. Cords, who has experience in creating and teaching professional continuing education seminars. The Cleanse(tm) Patient Acquisition System for healthcare professionals is an education and marketing system that contains press releases, patient handouts, power point presentations, and Dr. Kellas' books, Surviving the Toxic Crisis and Thriving in a Toxic World.

The Cleanse(tm) Program is a clinically tested 8 day cellular cleanse program that utilizes herbs, nutrition, diet and superfoods. The response to this program has been phenomenal. Our seminars have been over packed and we have had to turn people away, says Mr. Lutes, whose background includes owning a personal development training company. That is when I knew we had tapped into a major need and market trend. Because of the incredible response, we duplicated our system and are now looking for other healthcare professionals to do the same in their area.

There is a tremendous opportunity to serve the public by helping maintain their health in a toxic world. I always tell people, you can't replace the organs that you have, but you can cleanse them and nurture them, says Lutes. The Cleanse(tm) is headquartered outside of San Diego, CA and Detroit, MI.

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